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Issues with successes V. Difficulty. X-posted to core errata

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  • Issues with successes V. Difficulty. X-posted to core errata

    This issue is part of the core mechanic, so I thought it could use some additional attention. Sorry if this offends the mods. It has been posted in the core errata thread as well.

    p.101 Combat Roll example
    "breaking the restraints is a Difficulty 1 (Athletics + Might) check and that kicking the Bomb is a Difficulty 0 (Close Combat + Might) check. Disarming is fairly difficult, but the thug is not terribly competent so disarming him is only Difficulty 1 (Close Combat + Might) action. If Jason wants to accomplish everything he’s set out to do this turn he will need five successes.

    In this combat roll example, completing a difficulty 1 task, (disarm thug, break bonds) required 2 successes each

    p.107 Damage Rating
    "All sources of indirect damage have a Difficulty of 1. On a successful roll, each remaining success subtracts one from the damage rating."
    "For example, if a character drank a cocktail someone laced with cyanide (damage rating 5), she would need to make a Stamina + Resolve roll. If she rolled four successes, she succeeded, because she exceeded the Difficulty and thus her three remaining successes would subtract from the Damage Rating, reducing it from 5 to 2."
    These examples treat difficulty differently.

    In this Damage Rating section, completing a difficulty 1 task (resisting the poison, indirect damage, difficulty 1) only required 1 success (4 successes rolled, 3 success left, damage reduced from 5 to 2)

    p.111 Sample Combat
    "bringing her total successes to three. She spends the first success against the Difficulty (Defense of 1, so Difficulty 1) to hit her opponent. She then has two remaining successes to spend on Stunts. Fin isn’t wearing any armor, so she purchases the “Inflict Damage” Stunt for one success. With her one remaining success, Ariadne’s player purchases the Feint Stunt, granting her an Enhancement bonus of 1 on her next attack against

    In this Sample Combat section, completing a difficulty 1 task (attacking fin) only required 1 success. 2 rolled, 1 enhancement, 3 total. spend 1 for difficulty (defense rating) 1 for inflict damage and 1 for feint

    "He nets an additional two successes as an Enhancement bonus for his revolver, bringing his total to five. their Defense is 1, Colton’s player spends one success to hit the mob; he then spends one success to inflict the Taken Out condition on the first henchman since he is not wearing any armor. Colton repeats this for the next two henchmen. He has one remaining success that he decides not to use.

    in this Sample Combat section, completing a difficulty 1 task (attacking the mob) also only required 1 success. 5 total, 1 spent to hit the mob 3 spent to inflict damage on each henchman, 1 remaining.

    "Colton...purchases the Dodge Stunt, bringing his Defense to 2. The Storyguide spends two successes to hit"

    difficulty 2 task, only 2 successes used.

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    For the example that talked about disarming it seemed to treat it like an attack. 1 to hit the thug and 2 for the stunt to disarm them. What I don’t get is why the difficulty 0 task ended up requiring a success.

    What is wrong with the other examples?


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      The other examples are only "wrong" if the first examples are "correct"
      From previous conversations with the devs, it was stated that a difficulty 0 task requires 1 success, otherwise it's something you wouldn't even have to roll for. Therefore a difficulty 1 task requires 2 successes.
      1 (base) + X (difficulty) = total successes needed.


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        Talked to Bunyip and he clarified that difficulty = number of successes needed and that the p. 101 example is incorrect.