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    Good Morning All,

    A very general question for any members of the Aberrant team lurking about; is the new editions source book going to support high levels of play, similar to what was in the Players Guide in the previous edition, or is that something planned for a supplement down the road? Much appreciated!

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    I’m curious too. Aberrant is one of my most anticipated books!

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Well, Trinity does have Scale built into its core; and I have no doubt that Aberrant will take full advantage of that. As well, Æon gave us higher-tier Proxy powers that represent the apex of what psions can achieve; so I won't be a bit surprised if Aberrant includes something similar, with cosmic-level powers that are available to those who have achieved a second “Eruption” to a state of being that is to Novas as Novas are to baselines.

      (I'm hoping that one of the changes between 1e and TC:Aberrant will be that this “next step” won't be exclusive to the Teragen: that is, you shouldn't have to buy into their Nova Supremicist ideology to become, for lack of a better word, a Supernova — though the risk of becoming something inhuman in the process should still be a very real danger.)

      But that's just speculation on my part.