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Trinity Continuum Aeon: Thoughts About Micronations

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  • Trinity Continuum Aeon: Thoughts About Micronations

    The Trinity Continuum: Aeon book posits that with the Urban Schism, many groups have splintered off into
    micronations in the Australian Outback (and in space and in other arrangements). While Australia tolerates
    they still have to abide by federal law (e.g. paying taxes, ensuring
    children are educated according to a standard curriculum etc).

    micronations in Aeon still need to abide by federal law? Would they still need access to roads? What services would a federal government provide that a
    micronation would require? I assume
    defence, courtesy of the Legions would be one thing,
    as well as rescue and medical services?

    From the federal government's perspective, how would you stop
    micronations splintering apart into weird and possibly dangerous cults? These could harbour
    Aberrants, or abuses of human rights. Perhaps there could be some regular reporting or inspections making sure everything is going all right in these places, and there could be potential story ideas about PCs investigating a bunch of strange,
    micronations that haven't reported in for sometime...

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    From a federal government perspective, ‘micronations’ don’t really exist. If someone wants to secede their property from the actual nation, the government doesn’t really care what they call themselves as long as they follow the nation’s laws - ie, they’re not really a nation.

    As for how much interest the (actual) government pays and what it would provide, it depends on the ‘micronation’ in question. If the crackpots follow the law - or at least appear to be following the law - the government will pay little attention. If the ‘citizens’ need normal government help, it will be provided as it would be for any federal citizen, all they have to do is ask their local authorities and it’ll be dealt with through normal channels - which could be fast or slow, depending on priorities and location. (Emergency medical treatment is likely to be as fast as docs can get there, asking for a dirt road in the middle of nowhere to be paved because it’s more pleasant will take longer, if it gets done at all.)

    If the micronation is more of a pain - obviously breaking laws and flaunting it, the government will step in and enforce as it would anywhere in its territory. If the micronation in uncooperative - or worse, they try to attack or repel the authorities - things will escalate. It’s unlikely such escalation would be military but actual governments have a lot of police and other resources to call upon if needed.

    If the micronation is dumb enough to get involved with Aberrants or really illegal stuff, it’s going to escalate quickly. That micronation is unlikely to survive long.

    To answer part of your question - how would the government stop micronations splintering apart or becoming cults - mostly they wouldn’t. They don’t even treat these areas any different from any other citizen’s private property. It’s subject to the law and the government has the right to enact or enforce laws as needed. If the ‘sovereign citizens’ keep to themselves, don’t create trouble, and no-one reports them for anything bad, the government won’t even notice them.

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      tl;dr - In AEon, would micronations need to abide by federal law? Yes.
      Would they need access to roads? Maybe. Depends where they are and what vehicles they have.
      What services would govt. provide? Anything it provides to any citizens.

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        Now imagine a micro nation combined with those weird pocket otherworlds that happened in Adventure to physically make say what on the map is a village in a valley actually a nation the size of Texas when you enter its borders.

        Or a weird pocket nation accessible in a closet in someone’s basement that is maybe a hidden relic of Nova Megascience! Maybe it’s even a spherical miniEarth? Or a literal microscopic miniature world hidden in a secret billion Dollar Doomsday Cave still governed by the Nova who built it to survive the madness of the Nova age which they thought would end in nuclear proliferation?!

        It is a time for great deeds!