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Just finished Our final Aberrant 1.0 game. Thank you Onyx Path.

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  • Just finished Our final Aberrant 1.0 game. Thank you Onyx Path.

    We literally just closed down for the evening on the last game of the old edition of Aberrant with our group. Started it in 2014, based off of the video game "Injustice: Gods among us".
    Beginning regular point spreads, started in Gotham. Ended 400 experience points later, by having the Source(our GM being very meta) granting our characters the options of creating our own multiverse to create, with its own gods and everything. So our pc's just mixed together Hope, Love, War, Blood, Magic, Entropy, Justice, Kindness, and Hardship. Stirred til blended, and just before ending session, my pc added "Dragons, and mythical shit!!!" We made the world of Scion that our next game will take place in. God we love that system, the new Storypath system, and Onyx Path for reviving it after all these years.

    Jax-Zor El/Maximum out!


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    Excellent. And now your GM needs to make plans to run an Aberrant 2.0 game building up to a Crisis on Infinite Earths-scenario where everything gets blended together into a new canon!

    (I kid, I kid. Well, I mostly kid.)

    Seriously, though, congrats on running a good long chronicle and having it come to a fun conclusion. Those are all too rare, it seems.

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