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Trinity in the Seventies: Generell thoughts and ideas

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  • Trinity in the Seventies: Generell thoughts and ideas

    Well, OK - I already created a topic about a hypothical Trinity-Setting in the Seventies (Here: But over there, its about Allegiances of the Seventies. Here, I would like to brainstorm a little bit more about a possible Seventies-Setting in general. What themes could and should play a role to set it appart from Adventure and Continuum? What should the general tone of the setting be? Etc.pp.

    Of course, it would be quite easy, to play the Seventies just like "Adventure! with Bell-Bottoms" or in the style of a spoof like "Austin Powers in Goldmember". But, at least to me, a more "serious" approach seems more interresting.

    The general tone:
    Although the Seventies are all to often associated with "funny Fashion" and bright colours, I could easily see the Seventies-Setting as a somewhat dark one. If one takes a look at movies from the Seventies, quite a lot of them have a rather grim and bleak tone. Also, Seventies expoitation-movies are infamous for their violence. And that are not the only things, that could give the Seventies a dark tone:

    - the Cold War was in full swing and it seemed, a nuclear holocaust could happen any day.
    - the Club of Rome, the Oil Crisis and other things taught the public, that enviromental pollution and dwindling ressources are a thing.
    - the USA where plagued by a beginning crimewave.
    - also in the USA, the Infamous Satanic Panic beginns and undoubtetly would influence peoples reaction to seemingly paranormal events.
    - a lot of european countries where plagued by different variants of terrorism
    - problems like racism, sexism etc.pp. where more prevalent than today.

    And this are just a few examples. So, the general tone of a Seventies-Campain could be: "Its five minutes till midnight. Maybe, the world ends tomorrow. Things look bleaker than ever. Lets go and do Something about that!"