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Trinity: How is Equipment Acquired?

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  • Trinity: How is Equipment Acquired?

    Am I dense or am I missing how equipment is purchased/acquired? There's something in the Wealth edge that seems to indicate you can have as much stuff under your wealth dots (within common sense) as you want but that anything equal to the wealth dots costs a dot for the session? There is also a way to use your paths to gain gear temporarily? Is there more to it than that?

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    So its been a couple weeks with no replies? Does anyone know how equipment is purchased/acquired. Do you start with anything if you don't have the Wealth edge?


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      you can start with any mundane (non-artifact) property that is justified by your Paths. Without Wealth you aren’t assumed to have any liquid income to buy more in-game, beyond basic requirements like paying your rent and buying food, until you get the money in-game. But if you have a Path that would justify getting temporary access to some equipment, you can always leverage your path for Access, with the attendant obligations.

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        Out of curiosity... where does it say that in the rules? I couldn't find it.


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          I think this is one of those rules people expect because of conditioning from other games, that just gets glossed over here. Could stand to be more explicitly stated to ease people coming in from classic Storyteller and d20 games, but people coming in from most FATE and PbtA style games are accustomed to "you just have your stuff".

          Closest thing to exact rules text I've found at the moment is the description of Paths-

          Connected to those decisions
          and experiences are people — coworkers, friends,
          followers, family — and resources — lab space,
          heavy equipment, research archives — that each
          character can still access.

          The last bit in particular. Then combine that with the sample character creation, how they don't do starting equipment buy, but allude to getting that from their assumed background, and boom.

          I'll see if I can find anything more explicit.

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            I think it's mostly by narrative fiat, though the Wealth Edge and the weapons/ armor/ vehicles sections give guidance on how much by way of cool stuff a character is expected to have and afford. You could make the game more granular by assigning dollar (or yuan, in Aeon) values to equipment. I'm making equipment even more handwavey by having NPCs hand out equipment based on the PCs' missions.

            Some sillier answers include...
            - Steal stuff from a mad scientist's lab!
            - Use Quantakinesis- Transmutation to turn trash into things you need
            - Be a nova and run around naked. Or eufiber shorts I suppose
            - Ask Alex Cassel nicely for stuff, he is very wealthy
            - Cheat at gambling with Clairsentience
            - Enlist with the Legions, they'll give you three squares and a kit


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              If I were running then I’d make starting gear part of a group discussion.

              Most specialialized things (especially anything over 2 cost) should be owned by your allegiance. Sorry freelancers. Buy wealth. I wouldn’t want everyone starting with IADs and enhancer gauntlets. I’d let a legionnaire do it because they pay for a mandatory edge, but they’d be Legion property. Same with an OrgoTek employee with the bioware access edge. Æsculapian emergency responder would have access to use some cool stuff but only on duty. Not going to lunch with their grandkids wearing an IAD and carrying an advanced biotech medkit.

              Buy the wealth edge if having personal versions of high cost items is important.

              Your home and personal items are whatever is appropriate. If you own a basic personal vehicle it’s because you’re from a place that’s normal. If you’re origin is some sort of position of privilege then you probably have nice-er stuff but you’re not living like you grew up without wealth.

              I don’t care if you have wealth 5, you don’t have a personal teleport ring or your own ARES pod in your mediation room. Maybe if you upgraded to the super wealth edge from the core 😜
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