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Spending Inspiration for Roll Enhancement

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  • Spending Inspiration for Roll Enhancement

    Page 150 of the Trinity Core states that once per scene a Talent may add a Facet’s rating as an Enhancement to a roll if it fits the Facet. No cost is mentioned.

    The next page, listing things one spends inspiration for describes doing that in three separate entries, one for each Facet. No limit on uses per scene is mentioned.

    Is my understanding correct that you may add a Facet to a roll on once per scene for free, but you can spend Inspiration to do it more times that scene?

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    I would have thought the first sentence is just meant as a general explanation of benefits, while the second specific instance of how it works, but the difference in Per Scene kinda throws that out of whack. That definitely seems like more of an errata thing, than just an explanation. Seems like the rule changed, and they never updated one.

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      Ok, now that I no longer feel like the crazy one for not getting something obvious to others, I added it to the errata thread.
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