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Legion Psion vs Queen Flare

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  • Legion Psion vs Queen Flare

    I am just trying to understand combat and how tiers work using the sample characters at the end of the book.

    If the Legion member attacks, he will roll 11 dice and probably have a weapon with an enhancement of +2, so probably getting about 5 or 6 successes. He must overcome the defence of Queen Flare of 4 leaving 2 successes, which must then be used to overcome her armour which is Soft Armor 2 which means that both successes must be used to cause 1 damage...

    ...which she will immediately regenerate. She will then use her blast and roll 15 dice which gives 5 successes, plus enhancement of her blast of 3 which gives us a total of 8 she is Tier 3 which is higher than Tier 2 (the Psion), so she adds 2 more successes giving us a grand total of 10. She will then overcome his defence of 2 which leads to 8 successes left. He might have armor or a forcefield. I read that he would have Perikinesis which gives armor 4 I believe, leaving the attack with only 4 successes, which can still cause damage (twice because he is higher by 1 tier), probably sunder his weapon, or knock him prone.

    I am still trying to wrap my head around the mechanics. I can see that a Tier 3 Aberrant would be a tough challenge, I imagine that a Terat would be extremely difficult to defeat. Please correct me if I am wrong or if there is more that I should include

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    The lesson here is ‘don’t try and take on an Aberrant by yourself, you’ll probably lose’. Ideally he should be working together with others to try and take down QoF.

    Against tough opponents like this with regeneration, he’d probably be better off choosing Feint rather than Inflict Damage, to give himself Enhancement to his next attack in the hopes this will have more effect.

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      You're making a slight error in how the armour plays out when Queen Flare attacks the Legionnaire; it's increasing the cost of each damage purchase, meaning that those 8 threshold successes can purchase 2 Injuries, 1 Injury & 4 points of other stunts or 8 points of other stunts.

      However... you're referring to a number of benefits for Queen Flare due to being higher tier that are actually due to being higher Scale. Tier isn't quite the same thing, and while the table under 'Scale and Tier' in the core (p74) does go some way to equate these, this is explicitly when using specific powers that grant such benefits. Also, if the Scale & Tier table benefits are kicking in, then she actually has a 2 Scale advantage over her opponent, which means there's an extra +2 enhancement floating around to use on a Pin Down stunt, (or, if she were able to increase her successes a bit more in some way, yet another damage purchase).

      If the Scale & Tier table effects haven't been brought into play, then she only has six successes left over after hitting, which is enough for the 1 Injury that she is allowed at her Scale & a Pin Down for a chance at some damage, but not the Critical Hit that would guarantee a second Injury.


      Edit: Digging a little deeper into the stats of Nalah, our sample Legionnaire's odds get a fair bit more promising (even without pushing beyond her existing dots): she can quite easily expect to have Velocity running (1Ψ is hardly a big chunk of her pool) for an extra bump of Speed Scale (giving her a +2e bonus on dodging Queen Flare's attacks, and possibly on attacking as well - precise application of Speed unclear); she can use Tow to slam Flare with Size 2 objects (another +2e, and potentially extra injuries); Nalah can also drop some serious interference on Queen Flare with Bulk Shielding, in effect granting a +2 Defence to anyone QF is going for & adding another 4 armour on herself to make laying pain down without the Pin Down & Critical stunts worryingly tricky.


      Edit:Edit: Hah, I'm a moron, I forgot that Queen Flare does actually have her Scale level defined.
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