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  • Talent Power Idea

    So I've been recently watching a bunch of home remodeling and fixer upper shows and I suddenly had the idea of applying it to a Trinity game.

    Which led me to the curious thought of Talents having powers that allow them to do the work of fixing up a home in hours what might take days and days for what might take weeks and such. It also led me to the idea of I store a potential of someone buying saying $10,000 really bad conditioned house and then taking a month to rebuild it into something that they can sell for a hundred thousand plus. I know I was just thinking about it and thought it would be nice to share the idea on the forums.

    Of course led me to the idea of what sorts of powers would allow this to be done, both officially and also fan-made. Like I said I'm thinking Talents because they are living more low-key then say Psions or Novas.

    So yeah I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts of others on this topic.

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    A Gift to massively reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a work of labor by way of a montage certainly seems in theme.

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      A-Team style. Building an armored car in 30 minutes with random parts lying around the garage.