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  • Aeon Rules For Hacking

    I have a question specifically about the hacking rules in Aeon. What does a positive attitude actually mean? Page 199 mentions the hacker getting an enhancement based on the attitude of the system but attitude doesn't seem to measure numerically when positive based on page 198.

    I get (I think) that if I want to hack somebody's minicomp with its 1 negative attitude that means I need succeed on 1 hacking roll to just to access the system before I make hacking rolls to do stuff to the system. What if it's attitude is positive (like because an electrokinetic used technokinesis 3 to change its attitude)? Does that mean I'm effectively the system owner and let me do what I want without rolls or does it just mean that I don't need the preliminary hacking roll for access?

    Just having technokinesis 3 means you can change up to an attitude 3 negative to zero, which I'd assume means making its attitude positive. Does this mean I just start making hacking rolls to do what I want and skip the checks to gain access—likely after a second use of Control to neuter the system's failsafe. Once you kill the attitude the second psi point to wreck the failsafe seems totally worth it.

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    And an observation separate from my question above:

    Electrokinesis seems to make Unique Access Systems pretty much obsolete. Technokinesis 1 lets you read one because psi makes the uniqueness of the operating system utterly irrelevant. Psi treats all operating systems like they're the speaking "common" like a lame D&D setting (where encryption would be like speaking thieves cant in common). If you're in physical proximity to it then you wouldn't even need to use Access on its isolated network (if any). You'd just be up against whatever the encryption of the files on it are, like a regular encrypted file on a regular computer. It's possible for the actual encryption to be lower than it might be on a regular system since in theory the negated unique nature of the operating system is part of the encryption.

    If you wanted to do more than read the files—like take them off on to your minicomp—then I could see needing to use technokinesis 4 to rewrite/translate the files into a format your minicomp's operating system could hold while you use technokinesis 2 to move the files off of the UAS.

    TLDR: Technokinesis = LOLZ ur UAS


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      One more reason the Gov't and Corps of the FSA are not fans of Psions, especially the Electrokinetics. Nothing scares fascists like the wrong people having access to information.


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        Code is vague but I wonder if technokinesis 4 would be enough to just make a UAS no longer a unique operating system. Maybe with a lot of successes.

        Tap is really powerful. One dot. You just read what’s on a device without having to hack it at all. You only need to hack and worry about attitude and failsafe if you want the device to do something or get actual copies of a file. Otherwise just have a speed reader with a photographic memory read the device and transcribe what you need.

        I made an EK hacker who would just be like, “is there anything from this briefing that I didn’t just memorize off your comp? Otherwise I’ll be doing something interesting while you catch everyone else up.”
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          Side note: Why are the hacking rules in the Aeon book? I can imagine some very good Talent hackers...


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            There are hacking rules in the core. These are Aeon specific rules.