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  • Æon 2.0 Psi Aptitudes

    Just a post to talk about the new versions of the psi modes in Æon and how they changed. My favorite thing about the new version of Æon is the changes to the psi aptitudes. I think every change seems to be an improvement.

    Vitakinesis might be my favorite aptitude now. It was the second least interesting before (narrowly beating quantakinesis). Granted it’s been nearly 20 years so I’ve changed, but the vitakinesis changes are great. I love that mental healing isn’t it’s own meh mode anymore. Now I can still ignore the offense mode and still have two fun different things to do to contribute. Serial killer isn’t the only alternative profession to doctor or medic (If all you took was algesis then your psi dysfunction basically made you a sociopath IIRC). I could even picture a Legion soldier being a vitakinetic to do more than be a medic because they could focus on augendis and algesis. That could be a good close quarters combatant. My favorite character concept right now is a first responder who would do things like go into a burning building and rescue people by stabilizing them or soothing their injuries, then making them fire resistant and able to hold their breath so they can get out. Worry about healing when not in the middle of immediate life threatening situations.

    Psychokinesis also got an interesting change now that the elemental powers got merged into one mode. I like idea that speeding up and slowing down molecules aren’t two separate modes of psi power. Perikinesis is interesting because it feels like things that either other mode could do, but takes shielding and makes it it’s own thing that grows in power and versatility as a mode.

    Clairsentience changes were a bit subtler. I like how the remote viewing moved out of telethesia to make psychocognition focused more on seeing possibilities and precognition kind of stuff and psychonavigation taking the remote viewing to become more than just the mode you grind up to a high level to do interstellar navigation. I really like how the psycholocation powers aren’t divided into near range powers and interstellar range powers so there’s a reason to go above 3 in a story that doesn’t involve interstellar anything. It’s like the modes are what happened, what’s happening, and what might happen.

    What are your thoughts on the changes to the psi aptitudes?

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    I like a lot more the new PK and VK than before, I used to think EK as a more “combatish” as they used to have electro shocks, lasers and Microwave, while they also could control weapons and vehicles remotely, but now PK have weapons and the most powerful shields (except for the dodge bullet clairscient) against all kinds of attacks.

    I like that BK don’t have the acid touch, that used to get me really sad, as if they don’t have imagination for a new power. Now they Shapeshift and get invulnerable... nice...

    Clairs have bullet dodge that is fun at least, but there is this one power that bothers me a lot, Convergence. You are going to casually cross with the guy in the next few days, except if you don’t.

    EK are more focused on bioelectricity than they used to, no more big arks of electricity crossing the combat field, and more subtle hearth attacks...

    I like we have an official QK all the way up to 5, and, what makes a lot of sense, power over powers, instead of a poor mans BK. Now they aren’t masters of Matter, Energy and powers, not Matter Energy and self-boost.


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      Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
      ...but now PK have weapons and the most powerful shields (except for the dodge bullet clairscient) against all kinds of attacks.
      Don’t forget augendis 1 can make you bulletproof. 🙂

      Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
      Convergence. You are going to casually cross with the guy in the next few days, except if you don’t.
      There was no “except if you don’t” though. It’s going to happen. You probably don’t know when or where or why, but it will happen, whether they stop to pee in the same restroom, they get in the same autotaxi, or you get a call to show up at a murder scene and they’re the victim.

      Fun clairsentient games:
      Convergence Tag! Two clears use convergence on each and then actively try to avoid one another, then see how they end up encountering each other.
      Reverse scavenger hunt! Tag an item with convergence and then drop it in the ocean or the jungle or space it, and see how it comes back to you. 😆

      Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
      I like we have an official QK all the way up to 5, and, what makes a lot of sense, power over powers, instead of a poor mans BK. Now they aren’t masters of Matter, Energy and powers, not Matter Energy and self-boost.
      Quantakinetics is more interesting to me now too. Before it wasn’t even memorable. I didn’t even remember them having self enhancement. All 3 modes make sense. Energy, matter, and quantum/subquantum. Fundamentals is super important because it’s essentially why they were wiped out.


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        I’ll confess I have not read telepathy. It’s like somebody used telepathy to put a subconscious aversion to that section of the book in my head. I always skip it and move on to another aptitude. Is it interesting? Is anything really different?


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          Originally posted by werlynn View Post
          It’s like the modes are what happened, what’s happening, and what might happen.
          That’s precisely what they are

          Originally posted by Mateus Luz View Post
          Convergence. You are going to casually cross with the guy in the next few days, except if you don’t.
          “Except if you don’t” doesn’t exist for this power. If you succeed on the power activation roll, the convergence will happen.

          A few rare exceptions might exist - a quantakinetic could subvert the outcome in a few ways, or have nothing to target through a shut down noetic signature - but if a clear wants to find you, you’l almost certainly be found.

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            Convergence means that missing murder weapon comes to you. It might be in the hands of the murderer and pointed at you, but you’ll definitely find it.

            Interesting thought though. What if the murder weapon was disintegrated? So you used convergence to tag it before it was disintegrated, but it was disintegrated before you used convergence.

            1) If you didn’t know it had been disintegrated then the story changes because convergence would have prevented it. It doesn’t matter if it was written in an adventure module or the GM’s notebook because convergence says the disintegration is at least delayed until after you encounter it. Maybe you uncover enough clues to show up in time to witness the item being destroyed.

            2) You knew it was disintegrated before you used convergence. Turns out that was not the murder weapon that got disintegrated.

            3) That funny smell? You just sniffed some disintegrated laser pistol molecules. There you encountered it. 😜

            Oh shoot! I left my lucky socks in my apartment on Luna before I left on this 6 month mission to KLG 🤔

            Convergence! They’ll be here in less than 5 days. Unfortunately it might mean somebody broke into my apartment and stole all my stuff, but the person who brings them to KLG might be the thief. It could also mean that I get kicked off the mission and sent home in less than 5 days.


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              Honestly, I had in mind that if it’s just impossible to happen it won’t. I read again and it doesn’t say anything about it, I guess I put in my mind it would not work if you are locked on a different planet or somehow incapable of reaching a place the target will be.
              Anyway, it’s a way to get someone free from prison, or to guarantee you are going to the same place...


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                For the most part I like how the old powers were updated, and I like the changes they made.

                Biokinesis and Electrokinesis probably changed the least. Although they lost those death spell type powers where you could microwave blast a dude to death with Technokinesis, or reduce someone to bio-paste with... I forget whether it was Transmogrify or Psychomorphing. Telepathy didn't change much, either.

                I really appreciate that Vitakinesis now has the mental health and physical health modes rolled into one. Augendis is a great choice to fill the gap, that really expands options for VK players. And I like that it more or less migrated from 1e Quantakinesis

                Speaking of QK, I'm just going to echo what someone said above about Fundamentals being a good replacement for Enhancement, and how it fits the plot of why the Chitra were betrayed.

                I'm sad that teleporters don't get Warping anymore, that was my favorite TP mode. Transportal is ok, but I liked the idea that you could harmlessly warp a dude into a ball. Or warp yourself into a ball and pretend to be Samus Aran.

                All the Clairsentience tweaks and the change from Telesthesia to Psychocognition are good in my book, except that I don't like the word "psychocognition." I might change it in my game to Hypercognition.

                I'm happy they rolled Pyro- and Cryo- into Thermokinesis for PK, but I thought it was an odd choice to spin Perikinesis out of the old Telekinesis. I would have expected a Vibrokinesis mode, using the alternate powers from the 1e Legions/ Australia book.

                Speaking of alternate mode powers, what would be a good way to price them as an Edge? Mode dots cost 6 xp, so would you make an alt power a 1-dot Edge for 3 xp, or a 2-dot Edge for 6 xp?


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                  The new powers look very good overall. I wonder about some other creative power applications though:

                  Psychokinesis: Moving molecules around enable you to do funny stuff with sound. Sound generation, dampening, remote voices, all that stuff.

                  Teleportation: When porting to other locations, especially interplanetary/-stellar, the psion automatically adjusts his momentum to the area he ports to. Why not do this over short distances as well, or even in place? Imagine a jumper jumping in place and just adding 1m/sec upwards? Or do the same with an enemy for 10m/sec. While we are at it, why not removing momentum, keeping the porter hovering in mid-air?

                  Side note: Regarding the momentum topic there is some nice inspiration to be found in the Jumper series books by Steven Gould, especially the third (Impulse) and fourth one (Exo).
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                    About Teleportation doing wyrd stuff, check Fliker (Translocation 3), you can fly and acelerate to a few scales above (not as good as Velocity from PK, but good.
                    About sound stuff using PK, you can create a sound barrier around you with Energy Shield (Peri 2), and it can be make only sound proof (instead of all energies) with Selective Permeability (Peri 5)... creating sounds and stuff like this is not available to PK, but you can make a fast, or monotonous sound using QK... not good enough for simulate specific sounds, but good for distraction...


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                      Quantakinetic tricks: That car with the obnoxiously loud stereo? Turn the sound into heat or electricity or crushing gravity.


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                        One effect I was expecting they add as default is mental illusions with telepathy, but it is basically the same situation as before. I houseruled that using mindbend 2 you could insert sensations (images, sounds, etc) on the target mind, instead of making the target do something it would feel something.
                        They changed a few things on Telepathy, most of it makes more sense than they used to, like mind detection is a basic effect, so mind shield is the basics of psychicbender, but still impossible to send a sensation (not a order or a feeling) to the target mind.
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                          Regarding duration of psi powers:

                          Most powers have a duration of "mode times his Duration", where duration is derivated from his psi score. Some powers have different durations, like minutes, hours or so, unrelated to his psi score. While this is totally fine I wonder if this makes bookkeeting more complex than necessary, because every psion can invest one psi point to make a power last indefinitely. One point isn't that much, so e.g. a teleporter can flicker around for hours on end, even though this power states that it only lasts some minutes normally.

                          So, why don't give all powers a flat duration (e.g. mode dots times Duration)?

                          Regarding psi score during character creation:

                          Normally a psion starts with psi 2, with the option to increase it to 3. Psi 3 gives some major advantages like radius short instead of close, duration minutes instead of rounds, 10 psi points instead of 5. I wonder if any player passes up the chance of this power increase. The trade-off of having one less point of attributes looks quite small to me. I'd take psi 3 at any time, even for non-teleporters and quantakinetics.

                          Regarding the "Favored mode" edge:

                          The same thought on this edge. It is that good that I assume that every player will pick it. If such an edge is, in fact, mandatory / a no-brainer, then it seems overpowered, or at least a bit off. Choices should matter, in this case it seems actually not to be a choice.

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                            Using your character creation bonus to get a dot of Psi instead of an Attribute dot is the better move for sure. I did it for all the pregens I made for my players. Although in the long run it only saves you two experience points, since an Attribute dot costs 10 and a Psi dot costs 12. (Assuming in the long run you end up buying Attributes and Psi; I imagine some folks never increase their Attributes past chargen.)

                            I agree the Favored Mode Edge is super duper good. It's probably good to keep it as an Edge because you can only apply it once to one Mode, and that's a significant choice that will differentiate you from other psions of your Aptitude. You could price it as a higher dot Edge, like 4 dots, to make its cost in line with the benefit it provides.


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                              I thought making your power indefinite required investing the whole cost (1 for powers with no cost).

                              Edit: it does require investing the whole cost. If you push yourself and get some high level power over your mode dots activated (like because you have favored mode to cover the higher difficulty) and make it indefinite then you could have a lot of psi invested.
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