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Superscience without the Big Three?

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    Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
    To what extent can you apply the three types of super science to a single device,tech,project?
    Technically, there is no Flux energy technology. Talents can only improve and advance traditional science, they cant build powered tech of any kind.

    Quantum and Psi tech are multually excluding, what means no way to make a dual energy tech. But you can probably build the same things using one or the other, and during Adventure Stalwart could operate psi itens and vice versa, but a nova can’t operate biotech (aeon age supertech), neither psions can power novatech (at least not the ones that need use of quantum points).

    Of course there is no explanation for the Hammersmith engine, what can mean it is a dual energy or a flux energy, and you could adjust it to be more psi or more quantum, according to the build. Have no idea, you probably need to ask Michael or Sarah, as they reproduced it latter...