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Vampires - What could they be?

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  • Vampires - What could they be?

    And now to something obscure and cheesy:

    In Adventure! it is heavily implied, that the area around the famed Borgo-Pass is indeed "haunted" by something or someone, that (at least superficially) resembles a vampire. So, it is safe to say: The Aeon-Society of the 1920ies also dabbled in vampire hunting. But since Trinity is not the WoD, the "vampires" Aeon had to deal with are very, very, veeeeery unlikely to be "real" mythological vampires.
    So, what could they really be? Of course, there are a few possibilities:

    1. Vampires never existed at all
    This one is the classical "Scooby-Doo-Hoax". Vampires do not exist! All, that happened at Borgo-Pass is, that some criminal scumbags exploit the superstition of the local peasants.

    2. Vampires never existed - its a mad Mesmerists/Stalwart
    A slight variation of 1. Here, vampires also never existed at all. But this time, the evil that terrorises Transilvania is not just some gangsterboss in a halloween costume. In this version, it is a potent stalwart or mesmerists, who believes himself to be a real vampire. Maybe, he is a crazed, satanist noble, or a deranged movie-actor, who played a vampire on the silver screen - and then snapped.

    3. Vampires exist - in a way.
    In the new Version of Trinity it seems, some Novas have been around long before the twentieth Century. So, what If Vampires are something like "relatives" those "low powered" Abberant Mutants from the Aeon-Era? The Novas of old also created tainted areas and creatures, wich where interpreted by ancient civilisations as "cursed places", "monsters", "devils" and the like. So, there ARE indeed some Immortal, blooddrinking fiends roaming Transilvania. Its just, that they can be explained by modern science!

    What of those three options could work best? And could there be other possibilities?

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    I'd probably have it that it's a Mesmerist, or a creature from "another" place. What were they called? The locations telluric energy caused to appear on Earth (Dinosaur Swamp, etc.).


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      In the Adventure!/Aberrant/Anima/Aeon timeline, I’m inclined to say they’re one-off weird phenomena.

      I did have an idea for a setting called Abnatural, which is Victorian Gothic Steampunk pulpy, in which eximorphs specifically occur via the reanimated dead, and the occasional alchemist who alters themselves via extracted materials from said creatures.

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        Since there are extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings cited as using Psi and Quantum, the origin of Vampires could be some extra-dimensional meddling by some malevolent being kinda like how the Doyen made Psions.

        Yeah, it is kinda over-explain-y, and paint by numbers, but I think these kinds of things have a place.

        Whatever the prime vampire creature kills or almost kills the target, using that opportunity to alter their noetic template to make them a vampire. So I guess that becomes halfway between 2 and 3?

        I Am Legend is one of my favorite books, so I have a soft-spot for scientific vampire explanations.

        Raksha are my fae-vorite.

        Reincarnation of magnificentmomo.


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          Given that the Trinity Continuum dabbles in alternate universes/timelines, it's obvious that the vampires should come from the vampire dimension.

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            I thought they were a result from a weird Zone where the rules of a different reality temporarily overlap, so they are from a Universe with Vampire, I wouldn’t even bother to make them Flux/Quantum/Psi and I would just use the mechanics I like for their power.

            What I didn’t like is that they gave a vibe none of this matters because they disappear in a decade or two. I would keep some and just have their reality zone disappear.

            For me I would have a Universe, in my Multiverse idea of a setting, where the supernatural and magic exists, but it’s actually due to interferences from Beings that Ascended through Psi or Quantum. Like how they explain alien civilizations either Ascended or went extinct in a 10kish span after reaching space tech. Or like how the Doyen are just a step below because they botched Ascension and would work as a template for Demons.

            So basically if you know specific rituals or disciplines you can basically barter or catch the attention of these beings. But in the Modern day such Sorcerers and Theurgists are rare.

            It would work well for Doc Strange Style Spells calling upon things like the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak or the Flames of the Faltine.

            So Vampires here would be warped/Cursed/Mutated Beings. I would have them as something like the ghosts/consciousnesses of people bound to corpses or Alien intelligences bound to rotting brains.

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