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Aegis and Quantum Breeding

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  • Aegis and Quantum Breeding

    Maybe we will get what several have wished for and in the billion year future when we get Aegis it will give rules for Nova Breeding to explain things like Heracles and Theseus.

    Like maybe some Children of Novas are Novas, and maybe some become Talents instead? Or maybe 3rd gen become talents?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Return of the 2nd Generation Nova's, huh? I did not know that was confirmed.

    Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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      I really liked A Breed Apart, it was fun and had a lot of good ideas for powers... but is that a important thing for the system? [Insert Thor meme here]

      I don’t think the idea of a big table of Parents x Children is needed. It sounds a lot like a D&D table of possibilities and you roll 1d20 to see what kind of beer the rando guy in the bar is going to ask for. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the Eon ebook, and I probably play more D&D than any other RPG, but it’s just annoying to have e-book about it.

      Just say there is no minimum age for eruption, the kid may erupt inside the mother, and will do for surviving if needed, and magically you waste half of the book. Of course there is all the Directorate and Utopia not letting novas to have child, that’s actually the best part of A Breed Apart, but if you put it on another time period, you lose it.


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        Table of Parents? Not what I had in mind, only basic rules or suggestions for Nova Breeding. I want my Inhumans, and Summers Bloodline, and Demigods.

        It is a time for great deeds!