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A Question about Aiming

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  • A Question about Aiming

    The Edge Sniper 1 Dead Calm says: "Double the Enhancement your character gains from taking the time to carefully aim an attack."

    I am unsure how that works.

    Do i double the Enhancment Bonus of the Weapon?
    I haven't found a Stunt that involves aiming, that would give such an enhancement bonus.

    Maybe i missed something in the book.

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    I looked for it too, with no results. It looks like one of those GM choices.
    I would add a +1 Enhancement to aiming any shot if you spend one turn aiming. If the gun is a long gun and have a scope you get a +2. Snipers double it.


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      Mateus Luz: Thank you i will use that.

      But i would also like to have an offical answer to it.


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        Another option that may be interesting is a dinamic bonus, you take a action to aim, roll Aim + Cunning to check the environment difficulty equals to the difficulty of a regular attack against the target. Any additional success are added as Enhancements on the proper shot, as if you were using the Feint Stunt. It may be a more elegant way to make sure a trained shooter that can understand the environment takes more advantage of the action.

        I, as a untrained, could spend an entire afternoon aiming with no better result on my final shot, but a sniper would do much better by spending a few extra seconds.