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Creature: Quantum Tick

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  • Creature: Quantum Tick

    This is an attempt to create a creature for the Wycoff Blight Zone to make something other than an Abberant that could be potentially threatening. Feedback for ideas and refinements would be welcome.

    Quantum Tick (Q-Tick)

    An unusual creature first found in the Wycoff Blight Zone in North America five years after the detonation.

    Resembling a hideously mutated and armored Mountain Deer Tick about the size of a small car, the creature is not particularly fast or strong, but it is dangerous more by virtue of what it is, rather than anything actively hostile.

    The Q-Tick is a creature which seems to feed off of quantum instability (Corruption) in an area overtime, eating anything infected by it (plants, animals, people…) and drawing out the instability, as well as fluids, storing it for itself. Some will visibly grow in size during the feeding process. What has been observed that at a certain point, the Q-tick will stop feeding and turn away, heading back into the Blight Zone.

    As to where they go is currently undetermined as the creatures head deep into the Blight Zone where Corruption makes it difficult to track. Attempting to take a Q-Tick for examination has proven to be ill-advised at best as the creature, while not particularly capable, seems to possess some form of intelligence and after feeding and will try to avoid capture. If it’s body is ruptured, exposure to Corruption of 4+ , typically much higher, in a range area of several meters in any direction will be the result as the instability it has absorbed bleeds out.

    Notes: As the creatures behavior seems (as far as anyone can tell) more interested in harvesting Corrupted Bio-matter than aggression, the Q-Tick will ignore people (unless Corrupted). It does not appear to be interested in those with Quantum augmented diseases, which while a bit of a relief, makes it unpredictable. It's primary pool is aspected towards non-combat physical tasks such as movement across various surfaces and generally pushing it's way through obstacles to get to corrupted materials. It's secondary pool deals with combat if it must defend itself or a particular Corrupted target proves difficult to consume. Project Aeon research and Legion LAST Teams have across piles of Q-Tick corpses and the occasional Aberrant corpse in the Blight zone, indicating that the Q-Ticks view the Aberrant as a food source

    Size: 2
    Primary Pool: 11
    Secondary Pool: 6
    Desperation Pool: 3
    Defense: 3
    Health: 4
    Corruption: 4

    Extras: Direction Sense, Baleful Touch, Armor
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    Great idea, like the idea they feed on corruption and grow.

    I think you need to add only a few info, basically when to use the primary and secondary pool. I would say primary for jumping and tracking corruption, secondary for survival, combat and general athletic feats.
    Also, because of it’s size, I would add Size 2 scale.
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      I bet they be laying dem brood of eggs, know what I’m saying?

      Maybe making a mad refined next generation.

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Author note: I was inspired by the entry that the Wycoff zone had contracted relatively recently and with teams going in, starting to find evidence of the Q-ticks and a lot of questions as some areas have been stripped of corrupted bio-matter but the rest left alone


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          I wonder if you can erupt when bitten by a baby Q-Tick...

          It is a time for great deeds!