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  • Apeiron: Patchwork Sol

    So idea I was tumbling along in my Noggin, a Patchwork Solar System.

    Say a grand Project is undertaken that goes horribly wrong and pushes Earth outside the known Universe. Maybe someone tried to create a Time Portal to the Big Bang or to the Hammersmith Incident, or Maybe someone makes contact with a Quantum Consciousness and in poking it awakens/kills it.

    So Earth finds itself in an empty Universe with only the celestial bodies within the Solar System to keep it company. Catch is every planet and even the Sun itself comes from a different timeline/parallel universe.

    So Maybe the Moon is from an advance timeline virtually no Eximorphs, so it was built using advanced Inspired ingenuity. With a secret alien mechanical core.

    Mars could be from a Universe similar maybe to The Man the Tall Castle where the Nazis of their World beat the Allies and using advanced rocket initiative, maybe they have ruins of John Carter Esque Mars all around, past civilizations now extinct.

    Maybe an Alternate Earth on the opposite side of the Orbit of the Sun. Maybe it’s a Pangea like World of Barbarians and Dinosaurs and Alien godbodies like Shula-Gorath worshipped like a god. Maybe their Moon inhabited only by a small breathable region, a blue area, populated by an offshoot of humanity altered millennia ago by Alien experimentation into A society with controlled eruption, along with a mysterious Omniscient Alien who only Watches.

    Maybe Ganymede directly popped in from a Universe of warp gate using space cowboy bounty hunters.

    And every asteroid in the asteroid belt from a different universe, so some could House Mining Arrays, O’Neil Cylinders, and Space Colonies with Giant mechs used to fighting a war against mobile pilotless dolls.

    At first I was considering maybe the Earth that caused the event could be itself the most patchwork, like Marvels Battleworld, made up of multiple chunks of other Earths. But that may be a bit too much. It might be more fun to just have it Earth as is. But what time Period? Nova Age? Aeon Era? Farther in the Future? Adventure Alternate Hammersmith?

    I was planning on using Apeiron for a different project but I think this may be a good fit for it instead.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Should Earth be Patchwork too? Maybe having Atlantis, the Savage Lands in Antarctica, and Marvel 1602 Style America? What?

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    LordHeru's thread made me think back on this project. Apeiron being my name for games that explore the concept of the Multiverse, I am wondering what would be the most interesting number of habitable worlds here, so just the same planets as our solar system but with a couple of anomalies like a mirror Earth? Or maybe I should introduce more Anomalies like an Earth pre Asteroid impact that formed the moon?

    A Battleworld Style Earth sounds like the most fun way to go, it would be like a microcosm of the rest of the System. Maybe everything that was brought to this empty cosmos was the result of a different Anomaly so every Asteroid was lost in an explosion or a wormhole that dumped them here,a nd every part of the Patchwork Earth was the result of a doomsday that a portion of the world avoided, only to lead them here, or an experiment or anomaly.

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Its always fun to think back on settings!

      As an idea maybe the Earth found itself in a misty starry expanse full of gas clouds and such, the Ether, rather then an actual solar system. Around them lay numerous worlds from a thousand thousand realities.

      You could also have it so that instead of planets there are instead rocky shard realms floating in the non-space space that the people found themselves.

      Or even instead of the universe around the Earth changing the moon itself is gone and in its place is a massive jagged dimensional rift scar that leads between normal space and some dimensional travel space that contains numerous other rifts to other worlds.

      When the whole event occurs could also vary. Like instead of it being some future moment you could have it be NOW. Which is when a secret group working on the idea that their actions would lead to Transcendence created a ritual. It worked, though not in the way they expected. The earth shook and thunder struck and the moon dissappeared when a massive jagged multi-colored rift of flowing energies appeared. First probes then shuttles then bigger ships were sent through the rift where they discovered a non-space of flowing gas, multiple rifts, and the damaged remnants of the Moon floating serenely there.

      First plan is to secure a base on the moon and then afterward becomes sending teams out ot explore the worlds and realms beyond the rift.