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    Originally posted by LordHeru View Post
    While the Forms and Techniques of Ars Magica are really nifty I can't help but think up other potential sets that could exist. My current set up is this.

    Technique: Alter, Control, Create, Destroy, Mend, Move, Protect, Know
    Forms: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Plant, Animal, Machine, Body, Mind, Spirit, Illusion, Time, Space, Fate, Arcane, Void.

    As a note Arcane represents pure magical energy while Void represents that which is from elsewhere. Which is different from Space as that is location and movement and distance.

    Not that I would expect any modification to what you wrote but I figured my random thought intersects as an idea with the nature of this thread.

    It also makes me really wish for an updated, modern, or new version of the Ars Magica system, though enhanced a bit.
    You know I was thinking about it this afternoom. I want to make a magic system for Scion to put on the Nexus, and, as I used Ars Magica idea, I can’t use this file the way it is.


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      There is so much potential in a power system like this. I mean you can do nearly anything with the proper application of forms and techniques. Especially if you use a list that is a little more comprehensive you can basically have a magic system that can touch everything. hehe

      I do like the idea of a mystic group who managed to invent and codify such magic. Its really brilliant to me.

      (This all said, the funny thing is that Mage is basically a variant on the Ars Magica system. In fact one version of Ars Magica was owned by White Wolf and such.)