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    Hey all, so one of the more fundamental slash always returning to it ideas that I have is the dimension hopping slash exploration slash colonization game. The one like Sliders or Stargate or even, and in some ways most especially, Myst. To me the role of initial scout, explorer, and investigator is perfect for a group of PCs - as there is much fun to be had in being the first to explore a new world/realm and also the one who troubleshoot and investigate matters when things go wrong and puzzles need to be solved. With In Media Res giving me the idea of the Mist and the description of Artifacts that let one travle between realms the idea for this came back again, with a vengeance actually.

    It also leads me to think about the ways to set it up, which is the main question of this post. I see there being two main ways, low-key and public. With low key being the party as either doing it alone (they mysteriously stumbled upon a world-hopping artifact of some sort) or with the aid of some secret or only semi-public organization (be it a private society or even a government branch). The basic idea is that the world is basically our world and so the evens of their travels is mostly kept behind the scene. The second, the more public route, is when the world itself knows that world travel/creation/development is possible. Though this seems really fun it also is a bit more 'complex' as it means figuring out how the world from what we know changes to a world that has visible and relatively easy access to other worlds, realms, parallel dimensions.

    This leads me to wondering how others might set up such a world, what ways would they transition society, culture, government, and even corporate industrial activities due to growing or widespread access to other places.

    Now, as this is a Trinity based forum, and it would be a Trinity rule system I would use, let me also ask about the Inspired, and one's place in this variant. My one main thought is that there is a side effect of us developing this technology to travel between realms (Mistwalking? maybe) and that is the "new" appearance of the Inspired, with Talents coming now and maybe in time Stalwarts and Mesmerists will appear upon the Earth and then, in even greater time, maybe Novas and Psiads.

    I would really like to hear thoughts on this because as a concept for a story and campaign I find it really fascinating and fun and something that I simply cannot get away from.

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    The way I see, parallel worlds hopping is the of stuff that open doors to an endless number of excuses and plot hooks, that are perfect to any RPG.

    First, you can have basically any tech available if you go far enough, imagine a parallel earth where the dinosaurs were not extinct and developed to humanoid about 2 million years before humans, they are virtually 2 million years ahead in the tech development.

    Second, there is always the crazy person that rise to the power to conquer the multiverse. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of where, as the multiverse is virtually infinite, in one world, a Hittler-ish rise to the power and got access to mist-hopping tech, so he decided to extend the conquering to other worlds.

    Third, now on Trinity specifically, there are so many impacts a mist hopping (I already written and deleted a few here)... basically, if you jump to enough worlds, you will find the Aberrant 1 world, and see what 30 years of aberrant can do to your world, returning to our TC core just to find the monsters are rising here too... you will probably find one place where Bhurano is the one that exploded Galetea rising Psiads and not novas to the power, no taint but a lot of bullying on the neutrals as the mind reading is quite common... an I think you will find a place where only talents rise, and they got the tier 3 power, with mist hopping, time travelling, and things like that...

    Just throwing some ideas to make this discussion rise.


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      This thread reminds me of why Black Science is such an enjoyable book. I really like the idea of a character having to kill or replace a different version of himself.


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        Mateus Luz

        So much potential, so much. In fact there is so much potential that no single campaign could cover it all. hehe

        The ability to be able to travel to other fictional worlds that we all love is a great one, and really one of the highlights of a campaign such as this. Especially if one can go to a place where bad things happen, take the knowledge from there, and work to make sure the same bad can't happen on the main world.

        Queen Anne Country

        I hadn't thought about having something like that happen, but yeah, there is something nifty about the idea of taking the place or getting the benefit from an alternate self. Including some potential story points and campaign arcs. (For some reason I am imagining a group of people from one Earth summoning the player characters from another Earth to take their places because they are tired of the limelight or the dangers going on.


        So I had an idea, an expansion to this thought.

        Imagine greater reality being organized into discrete entities called Realms. Realms are self-contained universes, dimensions, planes, timelines, worlds sitting in a place between places called the Void. There are a few classifications of realms, including Prime, Echoes, and 'Ages' (need a different name). Primal realms are foundational realms made by a higher power slash energy that has no name or presence but is all and everything. Earth is a primal realm. Then there are Echo Realms, which are alternates and parallels variances to a linked Prime Realm; some echoes are same in geography but empty of sentient life, others are close, farther, or even mythic in design - including such realms where Rome never fell or King Arthur is physically real; some ae also set in particular points in the past in mimic of time travel for all that changes to these realms have no effect on the primal realm they are linked to. The third category, Ages since I don' have a name yet, are realms created by certain techno-arcane sciences. Travel to Ages is relatively 'easy' and can be done in an artificial way, travel to Echo realms are more complex but also can be done artificially, while travel to other Primes require natural fissures and portals between realms. Thankfully, realms are defended by protective boundary auras called the Mists, a process that makes sure things, especially bad things, from one realm have a limited effect when brought to other realms, especially Prime Realms.

        The idea is that the Prime Realm of Earth for this campaign is the one which develops the ability to both travel between and create realms. The idea is that the first set of travels, Links, is done to Ages while in time more advanced abilities lead to Echoes and then later on something interesting will happen that causes connection to another Prime or more.

        Said Earth, due to this well known ability, no longer resource gathers on Earth, but rather gathers materials from operations on other realms. The same with areas running into land shortages - instead of worry they create a new Realm of beauty, establish links to it, and then build new comfortable settlements and such, all of which are a simple link away to base Earth. With all this comes the presence of new and variant and advanced and even techno-arcane sciences and developments, which means Earth itself becomes a much more relaxing, advanced, place since a lot of the economic troubles fade away due to limitless wealth and potential advancements.

        The campaign would begin with the players being the first-in scouts and explorers for the new realms developed. This lets it be very stargate like. Then a breakthrough could happen that would lead to Echoes being made accessible. Which suddenly leads to the team getting to visit not just Earth's past but also variants and alternates and interesting parallels. All such realms are at first in the past, from the perspective of Earth Prime, but then a development happens and suddenly the group gets the ability to visit alternate presents and then, later on, potential futures - though futures without the presence of realm hopping in them. It is during these points that the players could get to see the world of Aberrant or the world of Aeon or even others, including a world where vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural things go bump in the night.

        In such a case I really like the idea that Talents are a sort of universal constant, a power capable of functioning in all realms, even ones that have no overt mystical abilities. I could see in time the Talent trait expanding to a bit more high power ability, though for me such a thing would happen at the same time as the campaign story starts revealing certain big bad events that power increases are needed in order to be defeated.


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          If you've never seen it, GURPS Infinite Worlds is built on the idea of a world where crossdimensioal travel is publicly known, with worlds being explored, exploited, visited and policed by various agencies, governments, and companies. There's also the added complication of another earth run by a somewhat totalitarian technocratic world government trying to advance their own agenda, and the even worse problem that one of the N*zi dominated worlds has now discovered how to cross dimensions. It has a few dozen alternate earths in it, and isn't that difficult to adapt to Trinity/Aeon.

          What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
          Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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            LordHeru Love it. A certain big, recent film may be good for some inspiration here.


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              It occurs to me that if there are multiple worlds that have discovered cross dimension travel, then they may have established some sort of pan-dimensional group similar to the League of Nations, UN, NATO, United Federation of Planets, OAS, or what have you.

              What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
              Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                No One of Consequence

                Oh yeah I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, GURPS Infinite Worlds. Its such a great book. So much information and nifty ideas. Even for those who wouldn't actually play a GURPS game. (I buy GURPS books for the setting more than the rules, lol).

                On other Earths with the ability to travel between realms I both like and do not like the idea. On one hand it allows for certain additional campaign possibilities that could be fun. But on the other hand it also causes a level of security issues that I am not sure I am a super fan of. Which leads me to the idea of a third option - there is a sort of crossover realm that multiple powers can get to. That internally they are safe but that by using this cross relam certain cross hostile actions can occur.

                The idea of there being a proto union of realms or general alliance or treaty organization is an interesting one. Especially if there is some sort of commodity that no matter what no other group can create for reason whose explanations come only after adventure.

                Queen Anne Country

                Yeah, totally. Grin.

                The cool thing about movie inspiration is that once they come out and such you can use images from them as sort of stills for interesting scenes in an rpg.


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                  Originally posted by LordHeru View Post
                  Which leads me to the idea of a third option - there is a sort of crossover realm that multiple powers can get to. That internally they are safe but that by using this cross relam certain cross hostile actions can occur.
                  I think DC has something like that with their current 52 universes set up, with some kind of "Hall of Heroes" thing as a cosmic waystation.

                  I'm also reminded of Spider Robinson's Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories, as well as things like DC's House of Mystery, and the short lived Wes Craven tv series Nightmare Cafe.

                  What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                  Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                    GURPS is great for world building. Infinity Worlds, Supers and Psionics (the 3 I have from 4th edition) are open, but at the same time they explore many many ideas related to the subject, like sources of powers, different levels of powers.

                    I also like Alternity's "Beyond Science", "Mindwalking" and "Tangents", as they have a discussion about the impact of the powers/dimension hopping in the society. Tangents classify the different dimensions by how far it's from our Earth, so you can even create lots of different Earths for your next episodic adventure with the characteristics they talk about.


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                      While I have access to the GURPS books you mention (in various additions) I don't have those three Alternity titles, despite how much I actually really like the Alternity system and its StarDrive setting. Which means I think I am going ot have to take a trip to Drivethru or Amazon to see if said books are available. Which is probably going to be difficult as Alternity is out of print, which has always been a very sad thing as its a great system.

                      Mindwalking, as a note, is a really nifty idea for psychic abilities. It also leads me to the setting idea of a world where Mindwalkers are a sort of second class citizen but super necessary for both interstellar travel (think Navigators from Dune) and the production of 'modern' psychic supertech. While some Mindwalkers are so-called fine with the system, probably because they are in places that give them good quality of life, there are many who are not. The players are part of said group, with a faction that wishes to basically leave and create a Mindwalker-only society far from mundanes. to this end the players are given tasks by the Speaker, a Mindwalker who leads the resistance, that would aid in freedom.

                      If I was to use Aeon rules then I would probably have Mindwalkers be more Psiad than Psion because if they are restricted to being created by chambers then its hard to rebel without risking their chambers.

                      I honestly think that this could be quite fun.


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                        Random thoughts for alternate world/timeline starting points:

                        One where the Little Ice Age that started in the 14th century never happened, and the Norse Vinland colony in North America survived. The effects of the Black Death in Europe are slightly lessened, and the population is much higher throughout the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. (I'm not exactly sure what impact this would have on the political situation and the structure of feudalism.) Meanwhile, iron and metal working is spread across North America, along with some disease vectors which make the native populations more resistant to certain Eurasian diseases.

                        One where Saul is never converted on the road to Damascus and so Christianity remains this minor offshoot of Judaism, never spreading into Greece or Rome. The Roman Empire still falls to the various Gothic tribes, but they remain pagan (some of them incorporating various Roman deities as they become "civilized"). Islam never develops either, and by the 10th or 11th century, two of the region's biggest empires are the Jewish Khazar Khanate of the Black Sea/Caucuses and the Jewish Kingdom of Aksum which dominates the Red Sea and Horn of Africa, both allied against Zoroastrian Persia and the North African Vandal Kingdom (which worships a deity blending the Roman Mithras with the Green Man).

                        One where the Black Death wiped out almost the entire population of Eurasia as well as North and East Africa, leaving the rest of the world to develop on its own. At this point (19th century?), much of the Caribbean has been conquered by the empire which replaced the empire that succeeded the Aztecs, now having fairly advanced metal working and ship building. The eastern United States is dominated by a northeastern confederation that bears similarities to the Iroquois and a southeastern one similar to the Muskogee.

                        One where a comet struck London in the early 18th century, causing a "nuclear winter" that decimated Europe. (See Gregory Keyes's Age of Unreason series)

                        One where on the eve of the Iraq War, an unexplainable event wipes out almost the entire population of North America, throwing the world into chaos. (See John Birmingham's Without Warning)

                        One where the leader of Germany was in a non-fatal plane crash in late November 1941 and unable to declare war on the United States after it declared war on Japan. As a result, the US faced Japan in a Pacific War, while Germany isolated the UK and finally defeated the Soviet Union. (See Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen's 1945)

                        One where a War of the Worlds scenario happened in 1900, with recovered alien technology leading to an apocalyptic Great European War in the 1920s. While much of Europe is a wasteland, the rest of the world continues on with a pulp sci fi/swashbuckling space opera style meets cyberpunk sensibility thing going on. Japan, Brazil, Australia, and the US are major powers, with Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Persia as other significant players.

                        One where aliens arrive in Roswell NM in 1947, publicly and with great fanfare. They come in peace, bringing technological goodies and a love of capitalism. It's 1960 as dreamed of in silver age science fiction. Think Happy Days meets The Jetsons, with rocking teenagers in flying cars and suburbs on the moon.

                        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                          Great Ideas.

                          I would make a different approach in the “One where the leader of Germany was in a non-fatal plane crash“. In my view, without USA in the European Western Front, the Germans didn’t lost the France and kept the good relations they had with the Spanish Facists. Italy didn’t lose the war, but was not able to help Germany on the eastern front. Once the Soviets recover the first impact, they go all the way to Berlin, and with no D Day, they conquer the entire German conquered Europe, from France to the Alps and Balkans. Europe get divided in 3, Facistis in the south, Soviet’s in the center and Britain (what ever we can name it). The Cold War is much more balanced, with no European reconstruction to help the economy, Capitalism is weaker and USSR didn’t die in the 80s. The technology is a bit more developed by now, as the Cold War didn’t end and there is still the big Spy games going on, with Internet and all the communication technology.


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                            I mention that one mainly just because I remember the book. In all honesty, there is almost no chance of a German victory in WW2 after 1940 (even GURPS uses the attempted assassination of FDR in 1933 as its divergence point). A probably better possibility, especially for Aberrant level characters, would be David Brin's short story "Thor Meets Captain America" (which actually has nothing to do with superheroes), which he later expanded into a graphic novel called The Life Eaters. The basic synopsis is that by accident or design, German atrocities combined with the SS's really bat-crap crazy race cult mysticism has somehow spawned Norse gods who feed off of all this death energy. Life Eaters expands this to include at least three other pantheons IIRC (I want to say Shinto, Aztec and Hindu, but I can't remember specifically and I long ago traded my copy to the used book store) who by the 1980s or so are trying to bring about a new Ice Age (the Norse and I think the Shinto) or a massive global warming (Aztec and Indian). The initial short story is really good, and the first part of the graphic novel is a great adaption of it. Once it moves past that, it gets really weird really quickly. But if you're looking for a rather unique alternate reality to include, or just out-there ideas to mine, it's a good one.

                            Another possibly weird idea is the "aliens arrive and set up shop on earth in the early modern period" concept. The manga/anime Gin Tama is based on this, and the second story arc of Warren Ellis's original Authority comic included a much darker take on the idea.

                            Then there's the idea of a world with Psionics as "Magic" appearing in the wake of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, with the result of a spread of fantasy-esque kingdoms spread across the globe with psi-tech providing anachronistic technological and societal innovations blended with high fantasy stylings. I admit that this is mainly an excuse to create a Welsh-Briton kingdom that is essentially a Camelot that looks a lot like the 1980s Visionaries toy line and cartoon. Also probably a Zoroastrian Sassanid Empire that looks like a mix of high tech Arabian Nights and Classic Persia, an Ethiopia that looks like Wakanda, a Yamato Japan that looks very anime, and similar things in the Gupta Empire, the Mayans, the Moche, and Sung China.

                            What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                            Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                              I strongly like the Psi as Magic option and all the repercussions of the existence of magic in the world. I like the Mythic Europe from Ars Magica, but it bothers me a little how powerful the Magi are but how they don’t take control of the entire politics, if not the values of the the items and labor.