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    I mainly just want such a world to have a British super team from the 1970s all named after Black Sabbath songs. The Wizard, Iron Man, Hand of Doom, Orchid, Supernaut, A National Acrobat, Rock 'n' Roll Doctor, Johnny Blade, and Shock Wave.

    What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
    Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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      Mateus Luz

      I enjoyed Tomorrowland, though I figured that they sort of 'ruined' or at least didn't tkae it to the greatest potential it could have been at. The scenes in the other world were brilliant and enjoyable. The towers and air vehicles and advanced nature of everything it does was perfect.

      I thought Terra Nova wasn't given its due. That with some more time and organization it could have become a pretty fantastic adventure series. The nature of whether they were on a prehistoric Earth or if they were on another version. The thought on how some people could go back and forth while publicly it was a one way trip. The question of the rebellion and what they wanted, all of it was brilliant.

      Oooooh Eureka. Oh wow, isn't that an interesting idea. I very much like the idea of a Eureka that is realizing certain things are going on in the world that they don't like and so they are making plans to move to a parallel place, a place where they can spread out a bit more than they otherwise could. Maybe their is an increasing dark monitoring of their actions that are leading to Carter and Nathan (who wouldn't be dead, lol) questioning what is going on and so portals are open and the newly hired player characters get assigned to explore the world on the other side of the portal. hehe

      But yeah the idea of a group building a more advanced base or city on another, more pristine Earth is great.

      Also, oh man, now that I have Eureka in my head I am trying to not develop ideas on how to apply Trinity stuff (be it Talents or Psions, I really want rules for Psiads as I dislike the artificial limitation [which is funny to say as in-theme it is in fact an artifiical limit]) to an Eureka setting.


      Random campaign idea.

      Aeonverse alternate. Some event happens that causes the nations of the Earth to basically consider the Psion's as second class citizens. In response they steal/build a number of starships and decide to leave, all of them - including the Orders and their Prometheus Chambers. As the ship they are on travels they are following the vision map of an elder who says that at the end of their journey is a world that is perfectly aligned in all ways to the psychic energies they use. Obviously as the ship travels the eight orders will find themselves changing into something other, maybe branches of a greater whole.

      Another Idea

      Going along with the Mission to Mars campaign idea imagine that after some solar flares disrupt communications a sensor glitch leads to the discovery of eight confusing anomaly points on the Martian surface. Dispatching a team to one such point an ancient pyramidal structure is discovered under the surface and within its empty but many halls and hallways lies a central room where a cylinder resides. In time these so-called Prometheus Chambers will awaken the first set of human psions. Of course these eight highly impressive feats of psychic technology are discovered to be immobile (or as close to it at this time) which means that instead of moving it to where people are the people have to come to the area. Which of course leads to eight places plus the original nine, a base that was sponsored by the Aeon Society.

      This of course leads to the rise of Psions in the world as well as a great mystery of what force made both the pyramids and the capsules. Additional points for having said structures mysteriously human rather than alien.
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