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    If the restrictions on Telepathy and Precognicion stay put would it be allowed to make a Nexus product about how to play 1st edition Aberrant on 2nd edition system, including a way to loose Transcendence?

    It would include Psychic Power conversions from 1st ed and like said Chrysalis that can reduce Transcendence, or other way to do so, as that was my main reason to reach for Chrysalis personally. The chance to make major changes to ones characters evolution was a bonus not the point of Chrysalis, the point was a way to keep Taint under control.


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      As far as I got Yes you can adapt material from 1e to 2e as long you don’t make the other book useless.
      You can create and adapt powers and characters, but can’t describe an entire scenario from any 1e book, for example.
      That’s described in the FAQ for sure.