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Has your group had problems embracing Aspirations?

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  • Has your group had problems embracing Aspirations?

    Maybe I should start by saying that we have not really played Storypath yet, our group's experience comes from Chronicles of Darkness which is the first and only system where we have tried Aspirations as an advancement model.

    My players have a hard time dealing with and handling Aspirations. My players (and me, since I'm always busy as it is preparing for the games) routinely forget about them and when we do remember them they are seen as a source of stress since now the players cannot simply relax and let the game flow but must constantly seek to fulfil their Aspirations or miss out.

    I am assuming that the fault is ours, that we do not completely understand the good things about Aspirations. How should we try to act and think to appreciate it better?

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    My opinion about aspirations is pretty straight forward: Extra XP for personal advancement.

    It’s all about incentive to players to make their characters more than just a part of the team without breaking the game flow. I mean, everybody (real world people) have their own objectives and aspirations, we usually don’t put they in play when playing as a team, as it usually is personal and could cause some problems, but on real life we always have that time to do our things even as part of the team. With the aspirations the players have an incentive to bring it to the game.

    If it’s annoying the players, don’t put it in the middle and give some extra XP due to other things. No big deals...

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      I used aspiration from VtR (Vampire the Requiem) and they were really important for our group. I agree with Mateus Luz they were usually personal to those characters especially in a vampire game layered in plots, betrayals, and power grabs. They were great when in a session a player would decide to go go down a completely different path then intended. I would usually give them a choice.

      * I am of course prepared to explore the mortal blood cult mention 5 sessions ago tonight or

      * Your character can touch on it, nudge in that direction and add that as an aspiration for next week. Most of the players worked really well using aspiration to choreograph their characters next directions for long term aspirations.

      We used a few group aspirations and those worked fine as kind of an all or nothing. Anyway I really enjoy aspiration and am excited to see the storypath use of them.

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        I feel like the point is that aspirations are suppose to drive the story more than an overarching meta plot so that the PCs are the focus of the game. So pursuing aspirations should be the version of the game where it just flows and pursuing a meta plot should be considered disruptive. However with sufficient transparency you shouldn’t have trouble keeping aspirations on a similar path to the plot the GM wants to run if that’s the group’s preference.

        I think if chosen aspirations aren’t in line with the adventure or are hard to incorporate then it’s a communication failure in the group. Increase openness and collaboration. Choose your characters’ aspirations together in a group collaboratively. You don’t need them to line up, but everyone knowing them lets everyone contribute to achieving them, and can make sure nobody picks things completely irrelevant to or contrary to the direction that everyone wants the game to go.


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          Scion is giving extra XP for helping everyone in group achieve their Aspirations!

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            I think the problem with aspirations is that players don't understand what they are really supposed to be and that is because of the name. Because of the name players fixate on the charter driven aspirations and completely miss the part about what the player wants to happen to the character.
            Once you get them to understand this then they become the tool they were meant to be. I drop the whole aspirations nomenclature and just ask my players to give me their goals for the character both what they themselves want to happen too the character and what the character wants as well, and never say the word aspirations and boom my players caught on completely.


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              I don’t think the name is the problem, ok, it may be as I am not an English native speaker, so my interpretation is different from others. The name Aspirations for me reminds personal intentions, objectives, things like that, and that’s the basic idea of the system.

              What I think happens is the players are miss informed by the short and long term ideas. As you said, just explain what it is and what is the short and long term definitions (session and arc, basically) and it comes more naturally. People usually think short therm something for 5 years, like in a job interview, and long for a entire life, like what you want to be before retire, when the ideas are more for the next few days and in next few weeks.

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