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What is the Red Pool?

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  • What is the Red Pool?

    Trinity Core p. 97 - "Each time the item is used, the Storyguide gets to add one Momentum to the Red Pool."

    What is this this Red Pool? It does not exists in Scion, at least from my reading of Origin and Hero books.

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    At a guess, I'd say it means the tension pool, the NPC version of the momentum pool.


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      Earlier drafts of Storypath called the momentum and tension pools black and red pools. This reference must not have been updated.


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        Storypath was initially being developed under the codename "Sardonyx System." Sardonyx is red and black. So initially we used "red pool" and "black pool" to refer to different kinds of Momentum. We changed it later in development, but not all references were updated by the time the backer PDF was released.

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