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OpNet as a game resource?

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  • OpNet as a game resource?

    I was thinking about creating a wiki of in character information for my Aeon game.
    Ideally it would have a central repository of cannon information (maybe using git?) that individual SGs could then clone to their own local wikis, and modify to suit their setting.
    so, Q&A
    Does something like this already exist?
    Any recommendations on software/services to use?
    Ideas for loading the initial Cannon? Trying to avoid a big manual effort.

    Bonus points if the wiki could have on-page comments (SG provided) to emulate user comments (think like the comments in Shadowrun equipment sections)

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    Dumb question, what is git?


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      Originally posted by tragedyjones View Post
      Dumb question, what is git? - distributed version control. Its the same version control software that is associated with GitHub if you've ever heard of that. In this context I would expect it would support maintaining a common set of data that can be distributed (and updated) to multiple users without those users having to access a single, central copy. Since it would be cloned, you could also add your own local information without it necessarily getting added to the copy that everyone gets.