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    I’m tinkering with some additional Allegiances to use in Aeon, especially for non-Psions (as Psion PCs can always just have “freelance Psion” applied if there isn’t a write up for their specific Allegiance)...

    - Maquis - a loose alliance of North American cyperpunk guerillas and hacktavists against FSA tyranny.

    - Mon Gens: whether a raiding warlord, or noble lawman, your only loyalty is to “your people”, whatever homestead or tribe that may be struggling in the wasteland of Western Europe

    - Global News - Australian media conglomerate leads its competitors in hard hitting news and has its investigative journalists chasing stories all over Earth, Luna, and beyond (which leads to a disproportionate reliance on the Aeon Society and Legion political leverage to extract their journalists who run afoul Chinese authorities, to say NOTHING of Russia, the United Republic, or the FSA)
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    Those three allegiances seem really cool. The Maquis obviously have Star Trek vibes and I like the idea of being freedom fighters against FSA tyranny. Actually, when I read through Aeon I was kind of disappointed that there WASN'T already such a group actively working to bring back the old USA order. So yeah this one sounds really nifty.

    The post-apocalpytic nature of Western Europe makes such a group all the better, so the Maison (though I don't know the cultural connotations of the word) sound great.

    An adventuring group that goes anywhere there is news in order to try and gather the truth sounds like a particular fun adventure type. Especially if, as a side effect of their travels, they find themselves constantly embroiled in adventurers in said travels.

    So yeah these sound really fun as allegiance types. .


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      Actually I think I got my french wrong and it needs to be something like Le Foyer - since that means home, family, and hearth. Maison actually more literally means "house" which is not what I meant. Foyer can have the unit of people connotation I was looking for.

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        Cool. I like Foyer as well, its connotations of gathering space is a nice one. Its the entrance to a home and so to be a Foyer is to serve as the guardian of the community, the watcher of the entrance.

        Being the local sheriff of a town or community is an interesting one, one that also could lead to a lot of adventure possibilities both within and without. Especially considering the PCs are the ones trusted to deal with both outsiders and internals.

        As I said, fun allegiance ideas.


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          I could just change it to l’gens actually... or mon gens...

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