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    Just a random idea that I got as I watch Angels and Demons on Netflix!

    I just had the idea that long ago, say a few thousand years ago, a small number of Novas (like three or five or seven or nine, you know a magical number) appeared either naturally or through some sort of intense ritual that surprisingly worked. These Nine created a secret society whose main membership were Talents, because something about the Nine made finding Talents easier. Given a few decades they would work to infiltrate the nations of Europe and then, in time, the world.

    As the origional Nine got older, say something in them stopped immortality from working, they would work to find another, train them, and then Erupt them. Once said person became a full nova the origional Nine stepped down and the new Nine took his place. The Nine is Dead, Long Live the Nine!

    Thus was the process for millennia.

    It is the present day and certain internal differences have begun to form. Some want to finally step forward and take control, to create a unified Earth. Others want to use technology to bring a Nova Age. Others want to do other things.

    Some potentials.

    The Divis Mal equivalent does his N-Day, but he does it either sanctioned by the Order's or he does it on his own nitiative. The choice will vary based on which creates a better story.

    Or may before the secret society can move forward the Doyn appear and so do Psions. What dos this mean for the society and all their plans. Thankfully, despite the psychic abilities of the Doyn, the Talents who are the base members of the Order and the novas who are the leaders (the Nine, and maybe by this point many others) are able to resist Doyn psychic manipulation.

    Maybe N-Day occurs, based on above, but as a side effect it leads to the Order's discovery. Or maybe rather than the order being discovered it announces itself.

    Maybe this world's version of the Aeon Society is the secret order.

    Maybe the Hammersmith Event caused its people to be transported to the distant past where they created the order to watch the future. This could be a body trip or it could be a spiritual one, or something like that.

    The characters could be Talents hired as agents. But they could just as much be potential replacements for the Nine.

    I could also see an expansion that in addition to Talents the Order will use Stalwarts/Superiors, and that promotion to the Nine sees said Inspired becoming Novas.

    Any and all thoughts for a nova-based secret society or campaign or adventure is welcome here.