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  • Aberrant Character and Setting Ideas

    Hey all so after a helpful suggestion I am posting what is basically an Aberrant character and setting ideas thread. Feel free to post your timeline points, setting elements, and character ideas. Stuff like that.

    Here are a couple of mine (copied from the other thread, so they might seem a bit familiar).

    o An asteroid is detected on a collision course towards Earth. NASA, various other space agencies, and the UN all ask the Daedalus League for help in dealing with it. The novas chosen, the players, head to the asteroid where they discover that it is not only quite massive in size but that signs all point to it being artificially directed and accelerated towards Earth. Which of course begs the question of who is out there that is did it, and also why (I figure Doyn, but it doesn't have to be them). After slowing and re-positioning the asteroid down some nova business tycoon approaches the Daedalus League (or the players directly) and asks for their help in a plan - to modify the asteroid, to shape it really, and turn it into some sort of mobile habitat for the eventual colony. The players then go from saving the world to working to build a colony, and all the politics and adventure and research that such a thing entails. Maybe even bringing them into contact or conflict with the many movers and shakers existing on Nova Age Earth - Aeon Society, Project Utopia, the Teragen, the UN, the nations of the world, and various other corporate and social bodies.

    o The Daedalus League works with the UN/NASA/EU in the removal of much of Earth's orbiting space debris. The materials gathered in this operation are utilized in the expansion of the first Earth Orbital Station, which in time comes to be known as Clarke Station.

    o A nova with nature powers goes on a grand spree of reforestation throughout North America. That is, to the amusement of some and the annoyance of others, wherever he goes hundreds of thousands of trees soon follow - taking root and growing to maturity overnight. By the time he basically stops the forests of America have regrown to levels not seen since the late 1600s. He is called an eco-terrorist by some and an ally to nature by others. At the end he disappears just as quietly as he appeared.

    o A nova who uses either Warp or Teleport or some other Spatial Manipulation power (hint hint, nudge nudge) to basically bring with him modules into either orbit or to another planet. Modules that when expanded and connected create a whole outpost colony.The benefit of this is that it reduces the cost - no longer is it necessary to pay ground to space launch costs. All they need to do is build the module and then set it up in space. After the nova gets his either hundred plus thousand or million dollar pay for the whole earth to space teleport thing.

    o A nova with powers that effect nuclear forces basically shuts down all functioning nuclear weapons, no matter where they are stored. Due to him controlling his effect this doesn't stop nuclear fission or fusion plants, just weapons. Maybe every ten years after this date all new nuclear weapons are also effected by his power - despite baseline technological attempts to make their nukes immune.

    And yes, I know that this wouldn't work because canon history needs nuclear weapons to exist for China to use them to cause Divs Mal and the novas to back off. But still, something like this would totally showcase how nova actions could change the world.

    o A Mega-Intelligent nova working for Project Utopia Social Development section comes up with a set of social philosophies that would create a stable and efficient and free society. Now others - a mix of novas and talents - have to follow the plan laid out by said nova in order to establish said society in the country or region or city of choice. That could be an interesting game. Now imagine if some of those novas involved - or even the theory creator himself - actually followed the tenets of Teras but did so hiddenly.

    o After deciding enough is enough a nova or corporation or nation decides that as the UN really doesn't have the authority to force its will on states it has had enough with the Project Utopia Research Oversight didivison. So said organization just simply says "nope," and decides to use its own capabilities to reinforce its statement.

    o Dr Henri Mazarin is a bit upset that his name won't be separated from Dr. Rashoud. Well when you look at what Dr Mazarin studies (which is nova biology and the nature of flux as it pertains to them) I think we could always create something like the Mazarin Process, which is basically a variant method of undergoing Chrysalis method.

    o A think tank division of Project Utopia also works on nova-designed economic systems that work to help relieve the issues that come from economic development. The first phase of this sees the development of a transition system that allows for those people who loose their jobs based on old technologies some sort of economic relief. In the US the idea of implementing nova-designed programs become all the more believable when one considers the setting has a Democratic Party wave in the 2020 elections.

    o A Mega-Social Nova who is a Republican industrialist working to push his party in a different direction, but still similar message, from the xenophobic and social conservative group.

    o A very rich nova who set something up with various other Nova Age organizations to establish something like an mobile orbital station colony or even a cityship with the capability of ground to space flight.

    o A nova/Project Utopia/the Teragen announce that as long as their enemies continue to dominate the area (be it a city or nation) then said region will not see any rainfall. This has the potential for many complications and ramifications.

    o The Global Cartography Society begins focusing on parallel and alternate worlds and such. This lets them have their area of expertise.

    And that's all my ideas for now.

    Like I said though please feel free to post your own ideas here as well.

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    This is one we actually played.

    Years ago, the Teragen all took off, left the planet. They returned today, Divis Mal bringing a dire warning: Violent, powerful aliens are coming to eradicate mankind and all its descendants! Now all of Earth's children must band together to face this new threat, and form a unified initiative: World Mutual Defense :P


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      I want to play a Nova that have an unknown and uncontrollable power... for him... it’s actually a positive thinking to extreme, if he expect it to work it works (Luck power) if he expect it to fail it will... BUT there is a small issue, he has a very low self confidence, so he hardly believe in his capacities, so he fails ALL the time...

      Other novas can detect his power being activated, he probably have some Transcendence and high quantum to allow this power to work, but they never know what exactly is the power because when it works and nothing really changes...

      Eventually he will get that if he believes in himself it will work, but it would happen after a few sections.