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    Hi guys,

    I am working on a Wuxia supplement for TC Core.

    The idea is simple, the Martial Artists are divided on 3 tiers, Mundane, Heroic and Supreme.

    Mundane tier is for non inspired characters, using Skills and Edges (most of them already on Core), allowing them to do great stuff, like Stun people more easily, fight while prone, things like that.

    Heroic tier is about Wuxia, only Talents can learn those techniques (as they are properly gifts), allowing them to jump higher, run over water, climb walls and trees as if they were horizontal, as well as many mental and social feats using meditation and kiai.

    Supreme tier is for tier 3 talents, yes I came up with this, they are focused on the use of Chi (the term for inspiration here, yes, again) for feats that are beyond the feats of Wuxia. While a Wuxia can break a brick on a pile without punching it or damaging the others, a supreme fighter can punch a person in the other side of a room without moving any closer, make a attack explode and hit everyone around and maybe even fly for a while...

    Dragon Ball? Saint Seya? Maybe too much? Yes to the 3 questions! But the point is that I want to keep the 3 tiers independent, I mean, you can play a game of Hidden Dragon with no chance of a Goku show up, or keep the feet in the ground (pun...) and be a martial artist on a competition on the best Jean Claude style...

    I am waiting for Aberrant Powers to get some ideas for tier 3, and probably should change the names of the gifts to something more thematic than “Water Walking”, “Punch Thru Armor” and “Light Weight”, but soon I will bring some stuff for your taste.

    What do you guys think? Suggestions for T3? Any suggestions for Edges and Gifts?