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    Are we getting Character Creation rules for any of the Alien races (particularly the Qin)?

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    That would be really interesting for sure.

    There are some instructions about Qin NPCs, that could be expanded for players, but as they are big slugs with tentacles in the head I would say the rules apply only for them in suits. Here are my ideas:

    I would create them (the slugs) as we do for regular psions (probably would go for Psiads, once we have the rules) and put their physical characteristics as Scale 0, while the rest is scale 1. Give them some extra psionic power dots (if psiad don’t have enough) following the ideas for NPCs and that’s it.

    The suits could be created like drones, setting the Physical Attributes of the Qin using it, adding the tags needed, etc. The suits don’t operate without a Qin inside, but any Qin can operate it (as long the suit don’t have some restrictions).

    What would be your ideas?

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      Originally posted by TiwazTyrsfist View Post
      Are we getting Character Creation rules for any of the Alien races (particularly the Qin)?
      They’re coming in one of the early supplements for Aeon 2e.

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        This is a topic I’ve been wondering about. I really like the possibility of a Daedalus League campaign, but that seems like a topic that could get a sourcebook in of itself. I write that with the caveat that we haven't seen the upcoming Aeon 2E books.


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          Mostly, I want to make a character based on Sam Starfall from the comic Freefall.


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            Well I could see the twin uses of Transformations and Body Modifications. That said I can also think that if its cosmetic just describe him that way.