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Inspired connected to the implicate order

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  • Inspired connected to the implicate order

    In the third aberrant backer preview there is something called the implicate order, what is it? It’s perhaps another name for the subquantum or noetic realm?

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    Hmm. How interesting and what a good question. I haven't heard that term before so I don't officially know what it refers to. But it talks about both psions/psiads and Inspired of that type (so I am assuming Mesmerists). So yeah, its probably another term for subquantum slash noetic. Why they came with a third name, who knows, but yeah

    Good catch.

    I wouldn't have found it as I hate that sidebar as I think novas deserve to have Quantum inspired mental powers.


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      The implicate order in Aberrant mentions where else to look for info. Chasing that up...

      The subquantum field entry in Aeon mentions that 'implicate order' is indeed another term for it, and it's used a few times thereafter in that book.

      It's not new to the Continuum; it dates back to the original Trinity, where it was used in reference to clairsentience.

      Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.