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Timeline Confusion

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  • Timeline Confusion

    So the TC Core is supposed to be Present Day. But N-Day has, in setting, already happened. Are Novas supposed to be coming in to vogue in game?

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    The Trinity Continuum is a multiverse. And the Core Book is one version, a version like our world but just a bit brighter for the presence of Aeon Society and Talents and such. The Aberrant Core is a side universe, one where N-Day happened.

    I hope that makes sense.


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      Thank you that does help a lot.


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        Also, core is not a setting per se, it is only for general ideas and rules.

        You can run a core campaign where the novas are showing up but your players are not playing them (yet or never).


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          We will hopefully get more alternate timeline settings (post apocalyptic world where China went through with the Ultimatum, Planetary Romance expansion for Adventure!, harder sci-fi future were N-Day never happened, etc etc)... I was planning on doing some myself for the Nexus, but it doesn’t sound like they’ll be supporting original settings for the Continuum any time in the immediate future.

          Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


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            In the FAQ they talk about building settings, and give example worlds for trinity, but not much. The problem is they are not working on TC Nexus.
            I guess they will allow some alternate reality settings for TC, probably once they have the nexus established properly.