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    Originally posted by Aliasi View Post
    The current KS update hints at templates, but a friend of mine has worked out some basic 'templates' people are likely to use.

    "Stealth Nova" Q1, 10 Points in Nova stuff, 30xp remaining
    "Nova of All Trades" Q1, 12 points in Nova Stuff, 6xp remaining
    "I found the power that I like, so I'm going ALL IN" Q5, 5 dots in one power, 10xp remaining
    "Focused Generalist" Q3, 9 dots in Nova Stuff, 10xp remaining
    "Less Focused Generalist" Q2, 10 points in Nova Stuff, 14xp remaining
    "...I don't quite wanna go all in" Q4, 8 points in Nova Stuff, 6xp remaining

    I also chuckle at the people complaining about the removal of nova points, even as people also complain about how some of the Storyteller games 'still use bonus points instead of XP at chargen'.
    As the friend in question, I fixed the math and put everything in a google doc here:



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      Originally posted by Bioagent View Post
      Yeah, so. I have been making a few characters and there needs to be a balance/cost change to some of the mega-ages. There is no way that things like Animal Mastery level 1 & 2 (24XP), is worth 2 dots in any actual power or mega-attribute.

      I dunno, have you seen what cobra venom can do? Animal Mastery be the kings of the nova world, yo!