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Mega-Stamina, Armor, and Scale

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  • Mega-Stamina, Armor, and Scale

    Question: Does the Scale increase from Mega-Stamina stack with the Armor Scale increase you can get from the mega-edge "Durability" (Please change the name) or Quantum Field?

    In one aspect, it does not. Mega-Stamina does not list out that it adds directly to your Durablity Scale, etc. However, Mega-Might talks about when you get hit by a superstrong Nova, you can lower the incoming Might Scale by your Mega-Stamina or Durability Scale.

    Any thoughts? I am confused.

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    Durability gives you armor, which has its own, individual Scale. If you had Durability 1 (Scale 1) and Quantum Shield 3 (Scale 3), then a Scale 5 attack would ignore the Durability but not the Quantum Field. I don't think Mega-Stamina is meant to give you a durability Scale increase against damage.

    That's my take, anyway.

    (Also, I agree. Having a capital-d Durability power and a little-d durability Scale just adds to the confusion pile. I have the same problem with "points of power tags" not equating to "points spent on power tags".)