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Connections and Contacts the same?

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  • Connections and Contacts the same?

    So my impression from Trinity Core was that the "Connections" you choose from your Paths were different from "Contacts". Is that true.. do you get Connections, Skills, Edges, and a Contact from each Path? Connections being "Metropolis High School" and Contacts being "Lex Luthor"?

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    Connections are the source of your contact basically. You have a connection to the Aeon Society, and the guy that helps you inside is your contact.

    That’s my understanding at least.


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      But they are separate? You pick one and then the other? I pick "Lab Class" as a Connection and then "Dean McCalister" as my contact..? I can exhaust one and still tap the other? That was my impression of how it works, but in the Abberant Kickstarter updates, a Dev posted a character creation quick start guide, and each of his Connections were basically Contacts and I was worried I was misunderstanding the book.


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        They are not independent.

        Let’s imagine you have connection to the police, you know many of the guys in the department, but the guy who really helps you is Detective McGuffin, he is your contact in the police, he is the guy that you “contact” when you need “connection” to the police.


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          Okay, cool. Thanks for the explanation. Maybe I'm being dense, I've got a pretty good grasp on most of the book.. for some reason no matter how many times I read the Contacts section I couldn't make this click.


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            The book PS are not very technical, they are more narrative focused, so you must read several parts of it and have as pretty good idea of how RPG works to get many things.

            Most of the others rpg books have a glossary or something explaining every single term used, but in Storypath they went in a different direction, less explanation and more about interpretation.

            I admit I got most of what I understand from the game from the forums...