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Stalwart Becoming Nova at Inspiration 10

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  • Stalwart Becoming Nova at Inspiration 10

    Okay, I could have sworn I read somewhere rules that showcase the idea of a Stalwart becoming a Nova at Inspiration 10. I thought it was a sidebar in a book but I don't fully remember.(as a note if it was one of the fan made pdf's then I might have printed it out, and that is why I think it was a book.) Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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    The only place the Stalwart term is used is in Adventure!, and they never refer to anyone back then as a Nova. Even Mal(Donighal/Dr. Primoris) is referred to as a stalwart whose dynamic knacks can duplicate other styles. Sounds like an interesting idea, but I think you may be remembering some fan based stuff.


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      Yeah after going through both the regular and D20 versions of Adventure! it must have been a fan project, though for the life of me I don't know which one. I just KNOW I saw it somewhere. And while now its obviously not canon the fact that I KNOW I saw it makes me want to find where I saw it just for completeness sake. hehe