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  • PEACH: Building Latent characters

    I’m looking to start a Trinity Core campaign, using a historical setting (1954 America). Most of my players will be Talents, dealing with strange wonders in the early days of the Cold War.

    One of my players asked about playing a psychic, but I’m concerned a full blown Psion would be too powerful for the setting. Looking at the Aeon book, I could not find rules for starting as a Latent.

    So, I’ve built my own Latent template. Not sure how balanced it is against the likes of Talents, so I thought I would post here for feedback from those of you who may have run mixed campaigns. Let me know what you think.

    Edit: as pointed out below, Latents do exist in the Aeon setting. Based on this feedback, I’m going to update the template to call it a ‘Natural Psychic’, to distinguish it from a Latent or a Psiad. My thinking in my game is to use the Latent rules for Mundane Tier characters, and use Natural Psychics as a Tier 1.5 character. I’m also considering allowing the character to blossom into a full blown Psion or Psiad later, based on a long term Aspiration or Story goal for the party.

    Natural Psychic Template

    A Natural Psychic is a human gifted with psychic powers, but who has not been exposed to a Prometheus Chamber or other triggering event to turn them into a full blown Psion or Psiad. Natural Psychics operate at the same tier as Talents (Tier 1).

    Natural Psychics start with a Psi of 2. Natural Psychics cannot buy Teleportation or Quantakenesis Modes unless they have a Psi of 3. Natural Psychics cannot raise their Psi above 3 without being triggered by an external process, such as a Prometheus Chamber or by strong Psi encounter with a powerful noetic being.

    Step 1: Choose an Aptitude

    A Natural Psychic chooses an Aptitude. Unlike Psions, Natural Psychics only possess a single basic power from this Aptitude, chosen at character creation. Characters may tweak their basic power at the start of a session, but must role play using this new power during the session.

    Step 2: Distribute Mode dots

    Natural Psychics can distribute two points to any modes in their Primary Aptitude. They cannot raises any mode in their Primary Aptitude above two dots. Additionally, they experience psionic dysfunction if they have two dots in a single mode, and no dots in their other modes. In universe, this is rare.

    Optionally, a player may chose at character creation to distribute one of their Primary mode dots into an Auxillary Mode. If they do so, they may chose a single basic power from this Aptitude for their character. This power can be tweaked between sessions, as stated above.

    A Natural Psychic start with a Psi of 3 if they forfeit one of their starting mode dots. If they do so, they may not also select an Auxillary Mode. A Natural Teleporter or Quantakenetic MUST choose this option.

    Step 3: Add additional experience (optional)

    The story guide may offer you additional experience to customize your character. Natural Psychics use the Psion experience point chart from Aeon, pg. 124, and must follow the restrictions stated above. Characters with this template may buy Psionic Edges if they qualify for the edge.
    Last edited by LordWyrmsBane; 07-21-2019, 03:09 PM. Reason: Adjusting the template, including catching that Latents/New Psions start at Psi of 2, so Natural Psychics should start about the same.

    This one is for all my Exigents...

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    To convert a Latent to a Psion, add any missing basic powers, spend two dots in your Primary Aptitude’s modes (which cannot take these powers over 5 dots), raise your Psi by one point, and add one dot to an Attribute in your character’s favored Approach.

    This one is for all my Exigents...


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      Honestly, this guy you are describing is not a latent, he is a Psiad with good tendency for one aptitude (and it’s not a bad idea, really interesting)

      A full blown psion is as powerful as a talent, you must remember that by default a psion can’t Dramatic Edit as a talent, also a Talent can raise his scale by one for an action at any moment by spending one Inspiration, besides all the possibilities you already know.


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        With the normal caveat of do what you want in your own game, latents are covered on p. 203 of Trinity Continuum: AEon. They star with 2 dots of Psi, single dot in one Mode, and can’t manifest any powers except in stressful times with the SG’s permission.

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          Mateus - thanks for the feedback. Given my limited experience, how do you feel the power of dramatic editing would balance between the players, if the ‘baby psiad’ doesn’t have this ability? Should I consider giving this to them as well to balance out the team?

          Bunyip - Thanks for the direction to the rule on Latents. I missed the rules as it was buried in a comment under the table on that page. Looking at this, it does seem that the power level of a latent as described there wouldn’t be able to hold their own with the Talents in the party.

          I’m also discussing alternatively having my player build a Talent and then create an Artifact which they can use to produce some limited psychic powers comparable to above, but which can’t be changed without modifying/improving the Artifact. Does this seem balanced to you, or should I limit the artifact to only granting a single dot in one or two modes?

          This one is for all my Exigents...


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            Dramatic Editing is a quite powerful tool, seem a little dull, but once the players get used to it, they will left lots of blank spots around the game to fill with DE.

            I think the artefact is a great idea, you don’t need to clarify the powers in it, give it some of the psi powers from a mode or 2, 1 or 2 powers per dot, never higher than the item rank.

            Another option is pointing some of the more social Gifts, some of the Command, Empathy and Integrity specifically are kind of powers a “psychic” have, like inducing people to do something, detecting lies, understand target reasons and objectives, things like that. It’s not telekinesis or even proper telepathy, but it’s something...


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              Mateus - sounds good. I’m working with the player to stat out both options, to see which concept resonates more with their vision for the character. They kinda want Peggy Carter meets Indiana Jones, with a touch of Evelyn Carnahan and 11. Extra points if you get all the references.

              This one is for all my Exigents...