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What counts as Telepathy?

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  • What counts as Telepathy?

    The Aberrant manuscript states that Novas cannot utilize telepathy or precognition (though they can mimic such things). But what counts as Telepathy? Mind reading? Mind control? Mental communication? What about emotional manipulation - Andre Corbin can still do that!

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    Telepathy is usually mind-to-mind contact wherein the Telepath can read or alter thoughts in the subject. Associated abilities include; inducing hallucinations (once called Mirage), control of the subject (Domination), attacks formed of raw psychic energy (Mental Blast), and sometimes even altering the emotional state of the subject (Emotion Control). Of those effects Emotion control sometimes finds itself in a separate category for a variety of reasons (usually because emotion control can be induced through pheromones and electric or sonic signals instead of psionics).


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      Corbin emotion control is a Mega-Social edge (actually a few, as he can do quite a few things with it).

      It can be part of Telempathy (projected or reversed empathy) but in the Corbin case it is more like a emotion induced by a combination of subliminal manipulation and a field of energy that causes some emotional imbalance.