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Dr. StrangeSkills or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Attributes

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  • Dr. StrangeSkills or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Attributes

    While working through the Mega-Attributes and associated Mega-Edges, the specified rolls for certain combat actions finally clicked for me. I had been formerly constrained by my ingrained notions of what Attributes did what from previous WW/OPP/ST games.

    I guess it was the one two punch of a change in Attribute spread and moving to a one roll system, in lieu of separate hit and damage rolls, that made the whole thing so foreign at first. I defend with Stamina? What kind of fuckery is this? I saw a lot of similar conversations during the Scion and Trinity Core rollouts. There was a lot of sturm and drang, and it seemed that some of the lenient and free-wheeling voices pushed a prevailing theory that the attributes listed in the combat section were strong suggestions. What was initially a notion that the occasional bit of leniency would be acceptable became the overwhelming discourse of "choose whatever attribute you want".

    The eureka moment was when I saw that the mega-attributes had specific narrow applications that were then expanded by mega-edges. I looked back and realized, it was the same with the regular attributes in core. My initial exclamation of "what do you mean my Dex 5 hand to hand combatant has to use Stamina to Defend?!" softened to, "oh, I just need to buy the Precise Martial Arts Edges. Carry On". Being Dexterous won't automatically make me a better combatant, but training to hone and focus that dexterity can make me a better fighter.

    I came from where Dexterity was the god stat, thought things swung too far by making it completely inapplicable, but then realized we had a much better system in place. I guess this is just what Edition changes are like. I remember having some similar "eureka" moments with Ex3. The real bugbear I see in this configuration though is Word Count. Putting the weight on Edges to balance out what stats are used when makes having more Edges a necessity. Which just means some enterprising individual needs to write more Edges and put them up on the Nexus!

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    That is on the docket to do when we are allowed. I also think that by the time we get the full pdf, some more mega-edges will be in there to help flush everything out.