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Character Advise: Ana 'Death Ray' Tesla

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  • Character Advise: Ana 'Death Ray' Tesla

    Hello. I am about to play in my first Aberrant game that did not have premade characters (And that campaign was like 8 years ago!)

    So i have a few questions/Request for advise!

    First of, What books are 'best' to read other than the core? Keeping in mind that this particular game i am about to play are set in the DC universe, The answer might be none!

    Secondly, What are a often forgotten mechanic that new players often forget?

    Thirdly, the character i have in mind are this:

    Ana Tesla, Nova name: Death Ray.

    (I guess at this point its rather obvious what inspired the character...)

    Created by Tesla in the 1930ish, she is a fairly powerful Nova inspired heavyily by Lightning and Energy based Powers, At this point i am not entirely sure what exactly she is, but since Tesla was notable celibat i am heavily leaning towards her not being biological, but rather a construct or something like that. Tesla Theorised that a death ray was entirely plausible, except for one big flaw: Energy dispersion at range. Hence, the need to create a mobile platform capable of deploying the Death Ray to where it was needed, Hence the body around the nova powers.

    The questions, i guess is what do you guys think would be a good way to make the 'construct' part of it? At this point the following i got really is: Ageless, Normal outward apperance, Capability to 'shred' the body and just turn into lightning/energy and back again. But i am struggling with the exacts, i simply dont know neither Aberrant or DC very well. I am mostly leaning towards normal 'mechanics' for the body and just make it flavor origin story, but maybe there are some great suggestions!

    The last question is more of a pool for what seems most likely.. Tesla died in 1943 and a lot of DC heroes emerged in WW2, making it perfectly likely that Death Ray also 'emerged' in that period, however, Tesla was not exactly known as a weapon manufactor, however his homeland, Serbia, were occupied by the italians..

    So, do you think that either; A. Deployed in 1941 as Serbia got invaded. B. Stayed at home to care for an elderly Tesla until 1943 when he died, then, with nothing to keep her home, went over to fight. C. Went already in 39 but then went home in 1943 and after it looked more certain who would win, or finally: D. Stayed out of it.
    In either case, i imagine it was on the Italian front she was, not the german one.

    Thanks for your help guys, i know i am not a particularly good forum writer but hopefully it still seems clear and readable!

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    Do you know which version of Aberrant you'll be using? The one that is being kickstarted for the next few hours or the original edition?


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      1st edition! not the new one unfortunately! Poor people be poor! ;(


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        Then you should be fine with Core book for most of the powers and rules and Aberrant Player’s Guide for a few additional powers and more importantly the errata that is included.

        As for first edition chargen for your concept...
        Mega-stamina and Adaptability enhancement should be enough to simulate artificial and ageless body, possibly taking, from powers section, body modifications to either add healthlevels, to simulate the body having less weakpoints, or even from the player’s Guide body modifications dispersion organs if it suits the vision of your characters physique.
        For electricity, and death ray powers, elemental mastery, so you can create the element as well as manipulate it, and for the change into electrical form take Bodymorph Electricity.

        If you have points left use them to round up the character as needed.


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          To add to Possesed's post, if you don't want to pass as human, you can take some permanent Taint at character creation to lower the cost of buying your powers and pick up a few aberrations to simulate looking like a robot.


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            the powers i were looking at. (Not sorted for when i would get them or anything!) are:

            in Perception: Electromagnetic Vision, High end Electromagnetic Scan.
            (Keeping in mind i am not a scientist, i dont know how ACTUAL on point this is, but it SOUNDS relevant :P)

            Dexerity: Accuracy, Catfooted, Enhanced Movement.

            Stamina: Adaptability, Regeneration

            As for Quantum powers, i am not entirely sure i understood 'Bodymorph' correct, but the way i read it, you can transform your body into a specific element, Lightning for example. So that seems on point as well, and i took Flight with a sort of Combination power between bodymorph and flight, Transforming into a bolt of lightning and flying like that.

            Elemental Anima and Elemental Mastery also sounds relevant down the line.

            Quantum Bolt and Weather Manipulation are the two last i was looking at.

            Does anything sound way out 'no way' or do they all seem probable? Any obvious i have missed? Keeping in mind that this should keep my XP occupied for a loong while.


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              You do not need Elemental Anima if you have Elemental Mastery. Also Quantum Bolt is not necessary due to Elemental Mastery having a technique for that.


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                Right, but Elemental Mastery is first possible to get at a higher power yes? This is more of a wishlish than 'i am definately having this at game start' list


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                  Originally posted by lycaniz View Post
                  Right, but Elemental Mastery is first possible to get at a higher power yes? This is more of a wishlish than 'i am definately having this at game start' list
                  Not quite sure what you are asking? Elemental Mastery requires higher Quantum than Anima or Bolt if that was what you were asking. Or if you were asking if you can buy it later with xp that is entirely up to the ST but should generally be possible.


                  If you use your Bonus points to raise Quantum to 3 at the start (14 bonus points).

                  Then getting two more Quantum with Nova points (10 Nova points unless buying them Tainted)

                  1 dot in each of Mega-Perception, -Dexterity and -Stamina, all come with a single Enhancement for free (so you can get for this cost lets say Adaptability, Electromangnetic Vision and Enhanced Movement) will cost 9 Nova points.

                  Dot of Elemental Mastery (5 Nova points)

                  Dot of Bodymorph (3 Nova points)

                  And you still have 3 Nova points left to round up your character. If you buy some of these at half price, taking a few Permanent Taint points you will have even more left. If your ST allows you perhaps should buy on of the bonus point Quantum dots Tainted so you can get 2 extra dots of Willpower with bonus points and then depending how much Taint you are willing to take, and remember to take Aberrations that make you more mechanical looking when Taint raised to those levels, buy one or both Nova point cpsted Quantum dots as Tai tend aswell leaving you with 4 extra Nova points to use as you will (combined with the 3 left over earlier you will have a total of 7 Nova points left with extra 3 permanent Taint in addition to the one from having Quantum 5 so a total of Permanent Taint 4). The extra points left can be used to round up your character Attributes, Abilities and backgrounds are rather cost effective, or to buy some Bodymodofications (extra Healthlevels are 1 Nova point per either 1 Bruised or 2 Maimed levels).

                  This will net you most of the things you wanted leaving you at low levels at each of them but that just leaves room for growth with xp that is easier to justify as you are only raising traits you already have.

                  Also if your ST allows Merits/Flaws you may end up with more Bonus points depending if you want to buy a few extra quirks to your character, due to their mechanical nature of course.
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