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Potential Aberrant Campaign Arcs

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  • Potential Aberrant Campaign Arcs

    Okay, so one of the more paradoxically fun and annoying parts of roleplaying is coming up with potential campaign structure, arcs, etc. Now, obviously, no structured story will survive contact with the players who are free to go off the rail if they want but having some idea of what might be coming in a campaign could be fun.

    Hence this thread.

    The idea I have for this thread is twofold. One, a quick synopsis for a campaign will be mentioned as a basic idea. Anyone is welcome to post a basic campaign ideas. Two, we will work to create steps that said campaigns might go in from a storytelling and adventure standpoint. Even if we have multiple ideas for steps this will help STs with figuring out a potential structure. The idea is for us to take the simple and then in time make it complex through various steps.

    To start things off I will provide two basic ideas and a potential starting path for each.

    [] Stellar Colonization []

    A nova led push to find and explore extrasolar worlds in the hope of finding one that would be suitable for nova-organized colonization.

    1. To begin the act of finding extrasolar worlds a nova inventor declares his need for certain rare resources. The group is hired/assigned to find and procure said resources.


    [] Earth United []

    A nova led push to creates nova-focused political society designed to give them some international political standing. This is done in the hope of leading to unity.

    1. A nova with political ambitions asks the group for help in setting up his initial political operation by solving some sort of issue that limits his ability to act.

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    Stellar Colonization

    2. Once the quantum technology is activated a number of locations begin appearing on the sensor map. From this a number of worlds get targeted for warp. Teams begin to be assembled so that they can begin the initial survey of these worlds.

    The idea is that this phase of the campaign would be set up as worlds of the week followed by something on Earth in between. The worlds visited would be all over the galaxy, linked only by a high concentration of natural quantum energies. The worlds would have abundant plant and animal life and maybe some ruins.


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      RE: Stellar Colonization

      Part of the hard work of looking for habitable worlds has already been done using current astronomy satellites. I read an article this morning about 3 earth-like worlds within 31 light years, one of which was 6 times the size of earth. The Deadalus League (or equivalent) in such a campaign would piggyback these discoveries and send scout teams of warp & space-capable novas to investigate such worlds more closely (grab atmosphere/soil/water samples and such).