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  • Attempting super-science

    Well, this didn't go as smoothly as I thought it would. Hopefully I got the kinks out of the writing after my re-write. I opted not to go after a second re-write after I spotted my error (I added a bit at the end instead).

    Lets make an attempt at super-science. Spidey's web-shooters. I'm assuming spidey has Mega-Intelligence for this example (which, yes, he seems to have in the comics at least nowadays).

    The easiest way to build them would be (to me) a rank 3 Q-tech. This gives me 3 dots of powers spent thusly:

    Flight 2 (technique: Quantum attack 2(entangle))

    Do notice that Quantum Attack gains 'free dots' equal to it's rank, that's where the entangle comes from.

    Fairly straightforward, except spidey usually doesn't fly. So I add the tag Restricted (-1, webslinging=not usable without something to swing from) to the flight power. As I understand it, this is a downside I can't weigh up with a positive tag. ALL positive tags adds one dot to the cost wether or not they are balanced with a negative tag. Maybe your storyteller will give you a consolation edge dot? But according to the rules, no. Maybe spidey could have come up with a non-spider-related device?

    Now, 'downgrading' it to a novatech device could be nice, since that frees up alot of quantum points. As a former Q-tech device it must be at least rank 3. It has 3 dots of quantum power, and if I understand correctly, each quantum power dot takes up three edge dots, so the device takes up nine edge dot equivalents. That would make it a rank 5 novatech device. Pricey, but probably still better than spending all that quantum.

    But another complication now rears its head. Novatech is useable by baselines. But can a baseline really zip about at speed scale 3 with the help of web-shooters? I know I wouldn't be able to. Perhaps a better representation would be:
    Quantum attack 2 (entangle)
    Movement Mode: swinging.
    Now it has scale 1 speed, and Mega-edges only cost one edge dot equivalent, so the total cost is 7 edge dot equivalents. Which is a rank 4 nova-tech device. And it could even be made without Mega-Intelligence (as a rank 4 Q-tech -> rank 4 nova-tech). Nice.

    But what about spidey then? Is he slowly swinging around New York? Hmmm, he should probably buy the following powers.
    24 xp Mega-Dexterity 2
    6 xp Mega-speed (restricted -1: halved Mega-speed if not using webs) May or may not be worth a restriction, but I think Spidey is slowed without webs, but still faster than a normal human.

    Are we done? Naah... maybe? Now there is Enhancement. Which he gets like a rank 2 device? So Enhancement 4. On attacks? Complication for people trying to escape after being webbed up? Structural reinforcements? Also note that Spidey does stuff like creating improvised gas masks, webbing up scorching hot metal (in order to handle it), reinforcing structures and whatnot. Might be reducing complications with enhancements, power stunt or even maxing out (which I think at least Q-tech allows).

    And extra tags? Not really mentioned in text which talks about enhancement and edges. Added to the stuff above? Instead of enhancements? Or edges/powers? Not power tags I take it. So weapon and/or armor tags?

    The web-shooters could probably be a bit poorly mimicked without "Quantum Power" equivalents. In that case I would probably build it like two artifacts. One weapon (entangler) and one device for movement (kinda like a rope gun, but using webs). So it is really one thing, but built like two artefacts. Mostly because trying to make a weapon into also a non-weapon thing gets really wonky. Works fine with Q-powers, but 'normal' artefacts? I'd go creative and make two 'halves' that is really one thing. Does super-science have scale? Q-tech has it's own scale and otherwise .... unless nothing is said I think I'll go with that you are able to 'cash in' +2 enhancements for +1 scale. For Core-tech max once, novatech twice and Q-tech (if you concentrate on enhancement rather than Q-powers) thrice.

    AW DAMMIT! I forgot to add the 'Range' power tag to Quantum Attack in the examples above. Easiest accomplished by adding 1 point to Quantum Attack (also provides free extra tag, remember?). Although that leads to flight 3 -> speed scale 4 -> Spidey is really zipping along. The second attempt with movement mode still works . Also increases device rank .

    The Q Attack 3 (ranged, entangle) + movement mode: swinging is now the only one that works as nova-tech at 10 edge dot equivalents, a rank 5 novatech device and a rank 4 Q-tech. For both Mega-intelligent and not. The Mega-Int version of Peter Parker can maybe add some extra bells and whistles.

    Still not sure how to start with Q-tech, but artefact 5 should give you the nova-tech web-shooters at start. I think.

    Comments? A better/more efficent example perhaps? Need not be web-shooters. Still trying to grokk super-science, but it seems to promise nifty-ness.

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    The Mega Edge Movement Mode includes Swinging as an option, which is probably what you want.



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      First, Spider-man, my Spider-man is a bit different from Eddy one.
      He has Quantum 2 (16 XP)
      ​Mega Cunning 1 (12 XP)
      Mega Dexterity 1 (12 XP)
      Mega Might 1 (12 XP)
      Q-Tech 4 (48 XP)
      Mega-Speed 1 (12 XP)
      Precognition (12 XP)
      Movement Mode (Clinging) (12 XP)

      About the web shooter now.
      I would make it a Q-Tech 4:
      - Quantum Attack 2+1 tag (Ranged 1, entangle 2)
      - Movement Mode (swinging)
      - Flaws: Password-protected 1 and Unreliable 3

      Mega-Cunning and Precognition are the Spider Sense in its full glory.
      Mega-Dexterity and Mega Speed don't make him super fast, but he is capable os overrun a car in the city (at least while swinging) and he can dodge most of the regular attacks.
      Mega-Might is his strength, could be 2, but I prefere to keep it lower with the Maxing Out option one in a while.
      Movement Mode (clinging) well, SPIDER-man.
      He can be just humanly smart (4 or 5 at least) and well versed on Science (3 to 4 at least) and still do most of what he does in the comix and movies. Some writers put his intellect on superhuman level, but I guess he uses some Max Out in MInt every once in a while.
      the remaining 14 XP I would use to make his Intellect, Dexterity, Cunning, Science and Technology be at least on 4, buy edges (Free running and precise martial arts would be great, trick shooter would be perfect for all the uses of the web-shooter)

      Now the shooter:
      Quantum Attack 2 is the max he can get with quantum 2. He can do several other stuff with the web, but most of them can be just power stunts.
      Password-Protected: its not easy to get how it works and it works fine just on Peter's hand, because of reasons...
      Unreliable: it needed a flaw to be plausible, and it fails much more often than expected. Latter he reforges it and remove this flaw.
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