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    Creating Characters
    On StarCraft there are no special kinds of humans, characters with psionic powers are not entirely special like psions, they are regular Terrans that happens to have higher psi trait from birth.

    Psionic Terrans
    The psionic capacity of a Terran is locked, they are bourn with a certain level of psionic capacity and can’t change it later. What they can do is train new powers and modes, inside their limitations.
    To have a Psi value different of 1, the character needs the Natural Psionic Edge, only available at character creation, as it is impossible to Terrans develop psi later on life.

    Heroic Terrans
    Different from psionic capacity, the capacity for heroism is unlocked for all Terrans, and all of them, heroic or not, have Inspiration 1. If not psionic (lacking the Natural Psionic Edge), any Terran can gain dots in Facets, adjusting the Inspiration Rating accordingly.
    If the character have Inspiration 2 or more he is Heroic, being capable of buying Gifts using experience and become a Tier 2 Character.

    Protoss Characters
    Protoss are created as any other character, but all of them have Psi 3, both basic powers of Telepathy and all three Modes of Telepath at rank 1.
    Different from Terrans, the psionic capacity of the Protoss can be developed later in life, requiring 12 experience per additional dot, up to Psi 7.
    Protoss skin is used to breath, drink and absorb light to do photosynthesis. Protoss skin have the Enviromental 1 tag, capable of maintain the Protoss for up to 16 hours per day, but the protoss need to breath, drink and be exposed to light for the rest of the day, every day.

    Khalai Protoss
    Khalai Protoss are the Protoss connected to the Khala, a telepathic network, working exactly as the first dot of Mindshare mode, but maintained unconsciously by all Khalai Protoss and connecting every single one of them as long they are on reach of each other and keep their Neural Cords intact.
    The usual reach is not enough to cover the entire sector, so there are several Psi Amplifiers that link to each other and to the Khalai Protoss in its reach, allowing extremely long range almost permanent telepathic connection.

    Tal'Darin Protoss
    Tal'Darin Protoss are a small group of Protoss that disconnected themselves from the Khala and kept their Neural Cords intact. They used Void Power to block their connection and established their own network using that. All Tal’Darin have the Void User Edge.

    Nerazim Protoss
    Nerazim Protoss are a group of Protoss that severed their Neural Cords to get free from the Khala. It caused a civil war that ended with the exodus of the Nerazim. They dont have a similar permanent network but are capable of establish one as the power described.
    Some of the Nerazim became Dark Templar, capable of using the void to several effects, but not all Nerazim are trained in those arts. Only the Dark Templar have the Void User Edge among the Nerazim.

    Infested Terran Characters
    Infested Terrans are created as Terrans and receive the Zerg Template. Most of the Zergs are mindless, functioning as feral zergs when not connected to the Hive Mind, but the few that are not, usually have the ability of establish them selves on the top of a Hive Mind or keep free will even when connected to the Hive Mind, commanding other zergs.
    An Heroic Terran, when infested, divide his Inspiration by 2 (rounding up) and treat as his base Psi, losing his Inspiration and Gifts during the transformation, but becoming capable of learning Psionic powers accordingly.

    Primal Zerg Characters
    Primal Zergs are created as human characters, are limited in the Origin and Role Paths that can pick and always priorize Physical Attributes over the others. They always have initial Psi 1 (raised to 2 due to the Zerg Template). Primal Zergs never belong to a Hive Mind, and always evolve by themselves.
    Available Origin Paths: Military Brat and Survivalist
    Available Role Paths: Charismatic Leader, Combat Specialists and The Sneak.

    Zerg Template
    Zergs (not only Infested Terrans) are creatures born Zerg, infested by an Zerg virus or otherwise had their genes altered by Zergs.
    Almost all Zergs found around the Krupulo Sector are part, or at least were part, of a Hive, gaining some advantages due to the Hive Mind and the control the Hive have over the Infested genetics. A Hive have a Evolution value that goes from 0 to 5 and grants additional efficiency to the Infested creatures. The zergs listed on Zergs session are all already adjusted by this template, and have Evolution 0. Evolution 3 or 4 Zergs are Tier 2 character and Evolution 5 are Tier 3 characters.
    Zergs that don't belong to a Hive, Primal or Feral, have their own Evolution value, that work exactly like the Hive value. It starts as 0, or the Evolution value of the last Hive the feral Zerg was part of, and can be raised by gathering essence, each new rank costing 25 essence. A Zerg can only absorb essence by devouring creatures, and the amount absorbed is defined by the devoured creature tier, 1 per tier per creature. Tier 2 Zergs receive only half of the essence per devoured creature and Tier 3 Zergs dont receive any essence anymore.
    The Zerg receives 3 + Evolution dots to distribute between his physical attributes, what may raise it up to 5 dots. Tier 2 Zergs can rise physical Attributes up to 6 dots, and tier 3 up to 7 dots.
    The Zerg receives 2 + Evolution tags to his natural weapons, usually Aggravated, Deadly, Piercing and Pushing, but it’s possible to exchange any tag their natural weapons have.
    The Zerg receives 3 + Evolution tags to his natural armor, usually Soft Armor and Hard Armor, but it’s possible to develop any armor tag, except Powered (as there is no special source of power). The Propulsion tag can be added multiple times for the same medium, increasing by 1 the speed scale in that medium, to a maximum of 6 or [5].
    The Zerg can be larger than normal for their original species, no more than Size Scale equal to the Evolution value, but that is not common, specially to Infested Creatures. The increased size increases also the Durability, Might and Power Scales to the same values.
    Zergs on a Hive Mind have a complication 3 to all its actions, no matter what. If not bought, this complication causes the infested to be incapable to act against the Hive Mind will. So any action going against the Hive Mind will have 3 complication, while any other action can be done without worrying about the complication.
    Zergs increase their initial psi by 1, but can't increase it latter. If it results on Psi •••• or more, the infested creature gain automatically Mindshare 1 and can communicate and command feral zergs and other zergs on the same Hive Mind, also the complication to go against the Hive Mind is reduced to 2. If the result is Psi ••••• • or more the complication drops to 1.
    The creature with the highest Psi value usually is the leader of the Hive, and its will is the Hive Mind will, meaning none of its actions will go against the Hive Mind.

    New Edges
    Natural Psionic (•, ••, ••• or •••••)
    Prerequisite: Terran, defined on birth.
    The character have a Psi value higher than the usual for Terrans. The value is defined by the cost of this Edge, and cannot be changed naturally during the life:
    • Psi 2
    •• Psi 3
    ••• Psi 4
    ••••• Psi 5

    Psionic Body Control (•••)
    Prerequisite: Zerg, Psi •••+
    The character is trained on the manipulation of living bodies. Its possible to learn Biokinesis and Vitakinesis psionic powers starting at Psi 3 and up to Psi -1 dots.

    Void User (•••)
    Prerequisite: Protoss, Psi ••+
    The character have learned to connect their mind to the Void, allowing to access its powers. Its possible to learn Quantakinesis and Teleportation psionic powers starting at Psi 4 and up to Psi -2 dots.

    Psionic Powers
    Terrans use a Psionic Index to measure the psionic capacity of any creature, ranging from 1 to 10 for humans, with some non-humans reaching higher values. The PI scale is a direct translation of the Psi of the characters in Starcraft, Psi equaling to ½ of the character PI (round up).
    Psionic powers are harder to achieve for a character in StarCraft than it is for a Psion, and only the high psi characters have access to all the aptitudes.
    The basic powers are independent of the modes and at least one of the basics powers of an Aptitude must be learned before the before any of the modes get any dots.
    The sensorial basic powers, Biosense from Biokinesis, The Sight and Extended Attunement from Clairscience, Sense Spectrum from Electrokinesis, Distant Touch from Psichokinesis, Subquantum Sense from Quantakinesis, Mindscan from Telepathy, Spatial Sense from Teleportation and Kirlian Eye from Vitakinesis, are treated as special basic powers and can be learned by any character with Psi •• or more.
    The psi rank of the character limits the access of aptitudes and dots in their modes. A character have access to all the characteristics from their Psi rank and all ranks below.
    Psi • (PI 1-2): Tier 1 Character, no powers
    Psi •• (PI 3-4): Tier 2 Character, only sensorial basic powers.
    Psi ••• (PI 5-6): Claiscience and Telepathy up to Psi -1 ranks
    Psi •••• (PI 7-8): Biokinesis, Electrokinesis, Psichokinesis and Vitakinesis up to Psi -2 dots
    Psi ••••• (PI 9-10): Quantakinesis and Teleportation, up to Psi -3 dots.
    Psi ••••• • (PI 11-12): Tier 3 Character, all aptitudes up to 5 dots.
    Psi ••••• •• (Unclassifiable): All aptitudes up to 7 dots.
    These rules includes all the psionic beings, including Zergs, Protoss and Xel’naga.

    Learning New Psionic Powers
    Any power that is not natural to the character can be learned if has Psi high enough. Any character can buy basic powers for 3 Experience, and each dot in a mode for 8 experience. A character needs to have at least one of the basic powers of the aptitude to develop any of its modes and need all the lower dots of the mode to learn the next one.

    The Void
    The Void is an alternative power source for psionic creatures to use their powers. The void allows a stronger connection to the structure of the universe, making it possible to learn some powers easily. The Tal’Darin and Nerazim Protoss are the most common users of the void, but Amon and some other Xel’naga are the real masters of it, capable of opening passages thru to the void with easy.

    Terran Personal Equipment
    The Terran technology is advanced, but the personal equipment can’t use much of the equipment used by the combat vehicles due to size, some of the examples are the fire weapons from all the infantry unities, even elite ones, being limited to slugthrowers, while most of the vehicles relying on lasers and mass cannons.
    Weapons cost 2 + tags, all the tags from Core and Aeon are available, except Immune, Psi, Psi Gauntlet and Super-Science.
    Armors cost 3 + tags, all the tags from Core and Aeron are available, except Psi.
    As a general rule, any hardtech available in Aeon, including cybernetics, are available to Terran, according to the place. Cybernetics, being far more frequent then saw in Aeon, are usually not hidden by the user.
    Super-Science is considerable rare, but can be found among higher rank military and intelligence personnel across all sector.

    Protoss Personal Equipment
    The Protoss personal technology is far superior to Terran, but all technology have the Psi tag, relying on the Protoss psi to work and requiring Attunement.
    Weapons cost 4 + tags, all the tags from Core and Aeon are available.
    Armors cost 5 + tags, all the tags from Core and Aeron are available.
    Protoss have access to basically any equipment available on Aeon with a reduced cost (1 dot less than usual) and Inspired and Powered items can be bought as regular items with cost their rank +2.

    Zerg Personal Equipment
    Zergs don't have equipment, but they develop their bodies to replicate the effects of other equipment or to interact with equipments.
    Zergs that achieved Psi 4 or more (or 3 with Psionic Body Edge) usually develop Biokinesis Powers to manipulate their own bodies at will, and more than a few of them develop the Technokinesis Mode of Electrokinesis just to be able to interact with Terran technology. To interact with Protoss technology they need to attune it to them, what can be done on any Psi value, but most of the Protoss tech require a Protoss mindset, impossible to be simulated by any Zerg with Psi 5 or less.
    Infested Terrans usually keep using Terran equipment as they don’t have the guts to devour creatures for essence, and in some cases the equipment becomes part of the body during the infestation. Also, most of the ones that hold their minds after infestation enjoy a high enough Psi to be capable of leaning biokinetic and technokinetic powers.
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    I don't have time to fully comment on this at this time but I wanted to say that I read this and really really liked it.

    Some immediate thoughts.

    I could see Zerg taking both Mega-Attributes and Mega-Edges to represent the enhancements that they get through evolution and the power of essence.

    I could see certain Zerg characters (those of a higher order, so such beings like Cerebrates and such) could also have Void-Touched. I say this because the reason the whole death of the cerebrate worked is that the Void touched Protoss used his abilities to stop the void touched power of the Zerg to resurrect the dead.

    (The thing is we hear many times how Void Energy and Psi Energy are different things in Starcraft but we rarely see where they are different.)

    I could see the baseline human character (well maybe even Protoss characters) being Talents because I can't help but think that despite the somewhat grittyness of the universe the main characters are special.

    I really, REALLY, want to play a once human now turned Zerg but who keeps his mind and such. I always thought that was an awesome character option.

    But yeah I like this idea and would like to read and think on it further, when I have more time.

    PS. A full on space opera scifi game using Trinity Universe rules would be AWESOME. Same with having a solar system wide game using said rules too - like a more complicated and expansive Expanse. (hehe)
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      I am working on a Talent possibility for guys like Raynor that are basically humans, but I am more induced to keep terrans non inspired (except for the Psi rules) and add the extraordinary characteristics thru technology (big guns and big armors). Maybe let guys like Stetmann to build inspired super science, not sure yet.

      I am working on the vehicles and creatures, but I want to see the rules for Psiads, VARC and superiors before finish the Psi, Mechas and Zerg rules respectively.


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        Its totally Raynor and Matt Horner and Arcturus Mengsk and his son Valerian Mensk and probably a few others who would be Talents. Which is exactly what Talents are - people with super luck and such to come out ahead of things. So yeah I would totally say that humanity has Talents among its members. Especially the PCs at base level. (If I was to ever run a Starcraft based game using the TC rules I would always allow my players to play Talents, especially if I did not allow Superiors or Mesmerists)

        I really do agree with you on the whole wanting to see rules for Psiads, VARCs and superiors for stuff. I think those rules would help flesh out what you are trying to do sooooo very much.

        As a random thing, if players are all human then there is nothing that says one can't stat out such things as Zerg using the Aberrant monsters from Psion. Just saying. hehe

        But yeah this is cool and I look forward to seeing what you add and where you go with things.


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          Added the option of Heroic Terrans (not for the other races, they have Psi and Evolution for that). Infested heroic Terrans also became psionic if infested (to make it all easy), I had the option of granting an Evolution value of ½ Inspirarion (rounding up), but it would not explain a guy like Stukov being capable of shooting Psi bolts (what I treat as QK, the same way as Psi Blades and Psionic Storms) even not being psionic before.


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            See I like stuff like this that blurr the edges of the hard rule of only three types of Superpowers. I need to digest this.

            It is a time for great deeds!