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Mega-Might/Stamina, Durability, and Combat

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  • Mega-Might/Stamina, Durability, and Combat

    So I've been running a session with my TT group for a few weeks now and things have gone fairly well. We thought we were doing everything right...till we came to these forums and saw some people saying that Mega-Stamina doesn't affect combat rolls(which, to be fair, we may have been doing incorrect anyway we just weren't overly concerned about it since things seemed balanced as we were doing it and we were having fun). We were basing it off the line in the manuscript for Mega-Might that uses Mega-Stamina and Durability as examples of defensive scale. Here's an example of how we were doing things.

    Each character obviously has more than what's listed here but I figure this is what's important.
    Character 1(Paragon): Mega-Might 4(Scale 5), Durability 5(Scale 5), Quantum 5(giving him an Armor rating of 3 from Durability).
    Character 2(Brick): Mega-MIght 5(Scale 6), Mega-Stamina 5(Scale 6)

    Example 1: Paragon goes to smack the Brick. He would need to overcome difficulty 3(1 for the base Defense + 2 from the durability difference between MIght(5) and Stamina(6)). He gains 0 enhancements on a successful hit since his Might Scale is lower than the Brick's Stamina.

    Example 2: Brick goes to smack the Paragon. He would need to overcome difficulty 1(base Defense) and gains 2 enhancements on a successful hit from MIght/Durability offset. He also needs to be able to spend at least 3 successes to inflict damage due to the Paragon's durability.

    We thought this felt right(Mega-Stamina makes you tough but Durability makes you invulnerable essentially) but we seem to be doing it wrong? Is there something I missed in the manuscript? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edited to fix the examples. The fact that some things are Scale X and some are Scale X +1 still throw me.
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    Mega Stamina don’t apply to resisting damage, only poison, disease and what was listed. The reference in MMight saying it’s resisted by the stamina is a mistake, so the Paragon punching the brick would apply full scale (and would be overwhelming).

    The mega edge Durability apply both the armor and the scale to the durability.

    The rest is correct as far as I got it.
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      edit to contribute a bit more: Mega-Stamina is just your health and fitness turned up to superhuman levels. Durability (the Mega-Edge), Dense Flesh, and Regeneration take it in more fantastic directions.
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        Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's greatly appreciated. We also picked up the 2 Scion books which have helped a ton too!