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The new armies of the aberrant world

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  • The new armies of the aberrant world

    Greetings fellow players,

    I just finished reading the aberrant manuscript, I just love how novas, unlike their counterparts in other comicbook universes, do have a real impact in the world and one I'm particularly interested in is in this: How would traditional military forces, and war, evolve to deal with a world full of superpeople?

    The obvious answer, like the book says, is that you fight fire with fire, you either train or hire nova soldiers, but what about the rest of the army?

    It's not that I think that traditional armies would become obsolete, novas can't be everywhere, but here's the issue: What's the point on spending millions on maintaining an army when one single nova can wipe out most of it? and when you have such weapons of mass destruction is there any point in waging war at all?

    From my point of view, this is how I believe things would change:

    The armies of the world would get reformed to become smaller, faster and of course stealthier. Big, slow-moving armies just make good targets for soldier novas. It's much more efficient, both in terms of cost and tactics, to have smaller faster units that can deploy, attack, and retreat as fast, and quietly, as possible.

    War also changes, the potential damage both in terms of human lives and infrastructure is way too high to make it worth it unless there is a massive difference between both sides. The vast majority of military operations are relegated to black ops or small public operations with the objective of finishing them fast.

    When open war finally happens, it's often very short and usually follows the same strategy: The regular armies try to damage the other side quickly as possible while the nova troops are occupied fighting each other. The nova fight acts as a "timer" and when one team finally wins then it's usually over for the simple reason that the winning novas can wipe out the rest of losing side.

    And that's it, I just wanted to know what do you think about it and what are your thoughts about the matter.

    Thank you for your time.

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    In 2028, the number of Novas is pretty low, but they are already capable of a big difference. I guess the impact of Elites is the first of many waves of changes in the armies. First because they came before the rest of changes too.

    The number of Elites in 2028, at least the number of Elites that are capable face a well prepared platoon, is quite limited, I would say about a hundred at most. Being bullet proof don’t make you capable of handle the chalange, you need training and the proper powers. Novas can be extremely useful in combat but can hardly defend the borders of a country by themselves, just because defending is really hard when what’s you defend can be destruct by you by mistake, and because the distances we are talking are too big. So most armies can’t count solely on Novas to deal with their wars, they need numbers and equipment.

    If you think the impact hyper fusion bring to the size of planes and ships, the amount of energy they have available is enough to develop energy weapons, and I am not even thinking about novas developing weapons. Put a laser cannon capable of cutting thru steel on top of a tank and it can fight a battle cruiser. Novas would develop new materials capable of resisting those weapons, or at least create a a way to spend energy in a defensive way, maybe a force field.

    After some time it would impact the personnel weapon and defences, the development of miniVARGs is for sure one of the first things that would change the concept of infantry, crossing the barrier between an single soldier and a battle car, a soldier that can resist antipersonnel weapons and even some antivehicles and run at 75 km per hour, with firepower of a tank, and at same time capable of entering a house or a bunker with no difficulty. Of course a Nova would make a big difference on a war, but with the proper tech, the regular soldier became, in great numbers at least, capable of containing novas.

    I am talking about novas with limited powers, not about novas as shown by the Aberrant war, capable of blasting countries with a single shot, or whipping Florida of the map. Those novas, even fighting against other novas, build so much collateral damage that the Man of Steel battle in Metropolis would be a minor loss.

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      Thanks, so basically on the long term technological development alone would turn every single soldier into a mini-nova, so maybe not in 2028 but imagine maybe 20-30 years in the future, before the aberrant war, what do armies look like at that point? Are countries defended by soldiers controlling armies of drones with the firepower of an attack helicopter armed to the teeth while other soldiers invade countries in power armors that people believed were only possible in anime cartoons? I'm not looking for a specific answer, just curious about how all of you picture it in your head.
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        There are per the manuscript already cyberneticly enhanced and exoskeleton equipped soldiers. These are not the norm but they do exist already.