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  • Perception in Storypath

    Can someone point me towards how to manage the act of perception in Storypath (Scion, Trinity, Aberrant or other)

    The previous ways I know are

    01. Attribute + Dedicated Skill
    WoD, Exalted

    02. Attribute + Atribute (or subbing a Skill)

    My assumption is that its Skill + Attribute most relevant similar to Initiative but I have nothing to back that up. Maybe relevant skill + cunning or composure

    Example while driving pilot + cunning or composure


    Best regards
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    You are correct on your assumption.

    It’s up to the situation. For detecting adversaries in the nature use Survival + Cunning, for detecting details on a piece of technology use Technology + Cunning, to detect details in the face of a person use Integrity + Cunning.

    It’s basically you use the ability of dealing with people to detect details in people, ability of surviving in the wild to identify things in the wild, etc.

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      Would it be cunning or resolve? Doesn’t resolve include attention to detail?


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        Cunning is more about noticing details and fast thinking, while Resolve is more about mental endurance, keeping focus for longer periods is Resolve, but noticing the details is Cunning.

        The proper answer to “Hello There” is, obviously, “General Kenobi”.
        Fists of Flux - Inspired and Powered Martial Arts for Talents


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          Attention to detail is in the definition of Resolve.


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            Cunning is the default perception Attribute because the game is assuming that you're rolling under stress and quick processing is essential (must the same that the CofD defaults to Wits for the same thing).

            Other Attributes can apply to perception if the SG feels it's appropriate. I would personally use Resolve instead of Cunning for something that's standing guard. As Mateus noted, a guard has to keep their mind sharp despite potentially long periods of nothing stimulating their minds, and thus their Resolve is easily more important than their Cunning. I'd likewise apply this to any sort of search where perseverance is more important than problem solving. Finding a needle in a haystack is just a matter of time and endurance.

            Swapping in Intelligence (something the book does mention in a few places) is appropriate when the consideration is more about linking data together. Investigating a crime scene for clues, especially without a strong time crunch, isn't just about noticing details quickly, but orienting how those details all relate to each other.


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              Originally posted by werlynn View Post
              Attention to detail is in the definition of Resolve.
              The phrase "attention to detail," is usually more a matter of personal habits than actual sensory skills. It implies a level of meticulous and exact manners when approaching a task, rather than quick thinking, literally sensing things, or problem solving. It's a "slow and steady wins the race" sort of mentality.