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    For level 6 Psion Modes that allow you to to go up in scale at the cost of Psi... Are you limited to only 1 Psi or can you spend more? For an even bigger scale at a cost.. or modify two aspects of a power for 2 Psi. If that's the case I might see a powerful Psiad or Psion standing up to an actual Aberrant...

    KINETIC MASTERY (••••• •)
    Kinetic Mastery is three separate powers, one each for Thermokinesis, Telekinesis, and Perikinesis. These powers are only accessible to proxy-Tier psions. These powers don’t provide a new effect, they increase the effect of every other power in that Mode.
    System: When using a power from a Mode for which the psion has Kinetic Mastery, she may spend an additional Psi point to increase the Scale of one aspect of the power, like Radius, range, Size, or Speed by one, increase any Enhancement by +2, or to multiply any numerical quantities, like number of targets by five.
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    While I see how the wording could be read that way, I don't think that was the intent. Proxy level Psions have a lot of Psi points to burn, and recover them quickly, so this would shatter the mechanics and the fiction of the game pretty promptly if it didn't have some sort of cap.

    Psions, especially proxy level, get a lot of enhancement on their psi actions, but not a lot of scale. There is a proposed beta rule floating out there for people that want more Scale, and that is being able to "buy off" scale at a rate of 2enhancement.

    If you don't want to go that route, maybe also houserule that you can add scale for each Mastery power you have. So if you have all three mastery powers, you can buy up three scale with any of them. If you have 6 dots in all three modes you deserve the oomph.

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      I honestly would not allow the scale to go higher, basically because it’s too much. I would allow to modify multiple aspects of the power, that seams... fair. Maybe force 2 points for a second aspect (total 3), 3 for a third (total 6), etc.

      I would require a 7th dot in the power (besides the 7dot power) for 2 scales, 8th dot for 3 scales, 9th for 4 scales and 10th for 5 scales, but the character must have at least Psi equals to to the dot of the power. But it would be out of Psions reach (because of the Doyen), maybe a dedicated enough Psiad... let’s see how to create a psiad first.

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