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    What if? what in another univese is called the Aberrant War in this one is called both World War III, the Last Earthen War, and the Unification War. It was started by baselines against baselines and developed to the point that basically every country was impacted by it to one degree or another. It was stopped by Novas and their allies going enough is enough. It led to a Nova-led but baseline supported world coup that saw the great unification of the world under the auspices of the Terran Unity, with Divis Mal being appointed as the first Regent, the chief executive for the government. (The title Regent was chosen to represent the Terran Unity serving in the absence of humanity being able to rule its on a person by person basis.) The first step was rebulding, the second step was expansion.

    Not long into the timeline of the Terran Unity information came to light about the Doyn, which leads to the sending out of probes and the discovery of the oncoming Coalition Ark. There is good news, and that is contact with some alien species and even some nova-established colonies who were more than willing to join back with Mother Earth.

    A few years before the present something happens that leads to the Regent working with certain high powered others in the establishment of a more general wave of Telluric Energy. (For all that scientists have debunked idea of Telluric Energy being its own thing the public perception of it as a unifying force caught too much with the public and so the ide ais not going anywhere, even if its not technically accurate - at this time!!!) A wave that engulfed human space and saw the manifestation of an equal number of Novas, Psiads, and Talents.


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      Okay, last one probably till others comment, give their own ideas, or even hint that what I am saying is interesting and not spam.

      What If? when N-Day occurred it didn't just create Novas but also supercharged the growth rate of plants and animals and caused physical changes to the world itself. So over the span of a few hours new forests and the like grew all over the world at the same time as animal species propagated in much larger quantities then normal. Also occurring was the formation of new rivers, lakes, seas, hills, and mountains throughout the world. What was interesting is that all the new growths and changes seemed to have a sort of logic to it, one which will be studied extensively later on. What this means is that while yards and empty lots and golf courses got new growths the core of lands cleared as farms did not, they staid cleared. Additionally, while new rivers and lakes and hills and mountains all appeared they did so in such a way that homes and businesses and the like did not get destroyed or lost.

      That said, there are many stories of people who woke up to find that there house, once say in a forest, is now on a wooded island surrounded by a lake.

      Also interesting was that when people went to work in mines and quarries they couldn't help but noticed it was like the earth regenerated itself - the once dug out area was regrown, and so was the ores in said area.

      When governments looked at satellite images of the event they saw video of one moment the world was as expected and then the next vast splotches of new greens and blues were present all over the world.

      Many cities in the world, for example, found new trees growing in spaces on the side of the road and in pretty much every grassy yard and side avenue all the while not damaging infrastructure.

      In middle America in the Mississippi River Basin a vast new array of interlocking system of vast rivers and lakes created a whole complex system from mountain range to mountain range and ocean and sea that meant no piece of land was more than a day from a massive river. Even more the Great Lakes between US and Canada grew and expanded, creating a whole vast array that allowed boat traffic from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

      In Africa the north found itself now home to a number of seas and rivers with a start in the Nile and an end in the Atlantic. But even more vast forests now existed in what had been desert.

      The South American Rainforest had gained dozens of miles (or more) of new ancient growths in moment.

      Europe gained regrown ancient forests and a vast river and lake system as well. Same could be said for portions of Russia, and China.

      The Australian Outback was like a primeval forest dotted by lakes rather than what it had been.

      A vast island continent now dotted the Atlantic Ocean, with a second just as large one was in the Pacific Ocean. The former was called Atlantis the later got the name Lemuria.

      The poles froze as a vast amount of new icebergs reappeared. Global temperature went down slightly, and so did sea levels, and stabilized at a rate that scientists described as surprisingly optimal.

      Plastics and human detris in the the oceans and landfills dissapeared, as did collected nuclear wastes.

      Though sudden and surprising only a few tens of thousands of people died globablly, out of a population in the multiple billions. Which also intrigued scientists as it seemed to indicate something guided what was going on.

      Divis Mal, at first pleased by the energies he unleashed was then shocked, surprsied, and awed - as he realized that for all his power there was still clearly more to the world then even he knew about for this was not at all planned.