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Talented Defense – Does it count zero?

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  • Talented Defense – Does it count zero?

    Does Talented Defense count zero as your lowest facet? On the one hand if it does it means it’s useless until you have 1 in all 3 facets. On the other hand if it’s the lowest facet you have then it’s really weird to buy one up to 5 and then go from getting a 5 enhancement to a 1 because you bought into the other facets.

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    I believe (and used in 1e Adventure) counting the 0s, so if it add the lowest it add 0. But there are not many uses of “the lowest facet” as most of them use one specific.


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      Just checking. Makes it interesting. That’s a deep XP investment to make it really good.


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        It's either that, or have someone put all 3 of their starting points into one facet, and then they get the benefit of 3.


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          Equally buying up all three seems to be the best option. There doesn't seem to be much benefit to having one facet higher than the others between Talented Defense and getting additional inspiration from having all 1s and then all 3s. The little blurb in Destructive about not using it in combat seems to do a disservice to the idea of adding Facets to rolls, a sidebar about characters always leaning into their Facets and the pros and cons thereof might have been better.

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