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    I'm missing something I think and need some help/guidance.
    Trinity Aeon - under Telepathy - Mindspeak - the target of mindspeak can refuse the connection and that's that the telepath is SOL. no rolls, test no nothing, I don't want to talk to you and done.
    Then under Mindshare - Network - the telepath can connect minds he has a noetic connection to. What I am confused about is does the target of a network have the same ability to shut out the telepath or is he in the network whether he wants to be or not?
    Can any one clear this up for me or point me in the right direction cause i think im missing something.

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    I don't think it is specified in the rules, but I play network as mindspeak+, so I allow the same power to refuse contact. Though I'd probalby also allow a Telepath player to spend Momentum and force a contested roll to project a message into an unwilling mind.


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      Networked individuals have to be willing, or at least unresisting. If a person doesn’t want to be in a network, they don’t have to be. They can also drop out at any time.

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        thank you for the replies