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  • Aeon Aexpansion

    The Aeon Aexpansion pdf was just made available. I downloaded it and read through the Superior and Psiad sections immediately -

    Yeah. It's that amazing.

    I don't think there is anything, at all, in either the Superior or Psiad section that I don't like. That had me go "nah" that had me go "I'm gonna change that". From stats to powers to general fluff. ITS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!

    Psiads are amazing. Psiads are spectacular. Psiads are what I wanted them to beeeeeeeee!

    I don't think I'm ever going to play a Psion when I can play an awesome natural Psiad. Yep. I'm hooked.

    On Superiors. Now I don't know if that is how Stalwarts will be but till we get Adventure! era characters Superiors are the perfect, PERFECT I SAY, form of that. Their physical, mental, social power categories* are brilliant and awesome. EVERY power had me going "Oh cool" and "oh awesome".

    I honestly really want to play a world where its just Superiors as I think that would be a very VERY fantastic way to go about it. (A part of me would like for some Talent Gifts to be brought over to Superiors, but in all honestly that might not even be necessary upon a more indepth reading.)

    *One think I think might be needed is to have Superior powers be labeled as something. Be it Knack or Gift or something else. I like power categories and 'Superior Powers' is not as cool as saying "I'm manifesting a Knack".

    I LOVE it, in all ways. I honestly don't think I can state it anymore.

    ...going back to the file to continue reading it.
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    The Aexpansion is out to backers. I jumped right to the aberrants and their cults. One thing I noticed is dice pools are bigger in the Aexpansion than in the Aeon antagonist section. Looks like I need to beef up the Nemesis I put together for my game starting tonight.


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      Cool Cool Cool downloaded and opening now!

      It is a time for great deeds!


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        Yeah, it really is cool.

        To add to my gushing I also LOVE the chapter on Psions in the Modern Day. Its got such a fantastic amount of potentially awesome ideas. Which is brilliant. And Awesome.

        Oooooooooh as another note the ART in the book is Brilliant. Especially the tech and vehicle stuff. But everything else as well. .


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          The art is beautiful, gives the perfect sense of the life in 2120s, the bioarchologies and all the things... awesome.

          The rules for Psiads and Superiors are fantastic. I loved the way ALL Psiads in aeon era are potential QKs and the way it compensates the versatility with limited maximum power, also the one mode you can have another dot as an edge.
          Superiors are awesome, very versatile and at same time focused on what we could call Mega Attributes and Mega Edges on a lower scale.

          Now, I will read it properly (the old Aberrant books will have to wait)

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            The one thing I would change is that at higher Psi a Psiad would be able to unlock higher modes dots. But that isn't so much a 'failure' in the rules as a logical element of humanity's current genetic slash noetic level. But yeah, if I was in a game and my players had Psi 6 and such I could totally see saying "after some campaign act raising Psi to 7 would allow mod e to go 5/4, etc"

            But yeah Psiads and Superiors are fantastic.

            The whole potential QK is not something that I imagined but it is something I love.

            I really think the whole lower sacle nature of Superior powers is brilliant. Its like you can see where they can go to even as they are not their yet.

            Its also like they are mini-Exalted. I'm a fan. hehe


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              As I said in my thread, I noticed the beefed up the antagonists in the Aberrant section. Everyone is rocking a few more dice in each pool.


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                Originally posted by Florin View Post
                As I said in my thread, I noticed the beefed up the antagonists in the Aberrant section. Everyone is rocking a few more dice in each pool.
                It is due to changes made in the final versions of Core and Aeon, probably made after much of (if not all) the text were finished. They made it is a way you roll less dice and add more enhancements (and scale) what didn’t happen before.

                I would stay on the dice pools described in Core and Aeon, they are enough if you use the enhancements as described there.

                The proper answer to “Hello There” is, obviously, “General Kenobi”.
                Fists of Flux - Inspired and Powered Martial Arts for Talents
                Tomes of Inspiration - Rituals and Dark Magic in Fists of Flux


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                  Another of the things I love about Superiprs is that their Powers have dot ratings. Which mean potential for growth and expansion.

                  I do wish there was a small section on "What Superior Powers Cover" and "How to form Superior Powers" like there is about Talent Gifts in the Core.

                  BUT thats not really a negative. Especially cause of how awesome the powers are. Like seriously.

                  Funny enough the character I was thinking up as a Nova fits a bit better as a Superior. Maybe with one or two special powers.
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                    Loving it so far. Once I have a chance to sit down with it, I'm probably going to do a compare and contrast between Superiors, Aberrant Cults, and TC:Ab. (I haven't yet read either of the Quantum-powered sections in detail yet, so I can't comment yet.)

                    I love the idea that all psiads are potential quantakinetics, and the implications that has.


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                      AExpansion was in layout before the final changes were made to Core downgrading antagonist dicepools. As such, those numbers in AExpansion may change before final.

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                        LOVE LOVE LOVE the Akiyama Group and definitely treating them as a full Allegiance option for Superior characters (the rules currently make them an Origin Path).

                        I’m less sure about how I feel about the Aeon Society having the Nakamura Procedure, and may have Hamdan and Mizuki working on it still at my own table - something Nippon spies will do anything to stop and FSA agents scheme to steal.

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                          I think giving Aeon the ability is too allow for maximum player possibilities as not everyone who wants to play a Superior would want to be from Nippon. That said as of the present there are fifteen Aeon Superors*,

                          *My opinion is that instead of giving such a number the book should say something like "a few dozen" or "a score" or something. Just my opinion


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                            Just reading this now - Loving the VARG section. I do wonder why VARG's are not just made Scale 2/3 instead of 1/2 when they add an additional +2 enhancment on size related rolls anyway. Plus the image on page 48 looks much larger tha I would class size 2...

                            Still - book is great. Really enjoying it so far. Packed full of good stuff.

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                              By the way as I read the Superiors I can't help but think that Tony Stark would better be statted up as a natural born Superior than a full on Nova. The powers of the Superiors basically fit him better I think. A part of this is that the hypothetical player of a Tony Stark like character would be able to have things to purchase as the game progresses.

                              Yeah, as I read over the Superiors chapter, the Psiad chapter, the Psions in the Modern World chapter I can't help but love it more and more. Power write up, descriptive fluff, mechanical nature, setting ideas, all are brilliant.